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Lola Rose

By: Hareem Raouf

Chapter 1: Lola Rose trudged over to the dusty brown stained mirror; she combed her honey coloured hair using her hand to get rid of the knots, Lola’s emerald green eyes started watering. No wonder why people called her a village girl. She tugged at her dress which once was a deep red colour and now a pale slushy brown shade; she couldn’t stop the tears falling from her cheeks. Lola covered her face with her hands and sank to the ground. “Lola Rose It’s dinner time dear!” called Mum Lola looked up hastily and wiped her tears on the hem of her dress “coming mother.” Lola replied stumbling as she made her way to the ‘dining room’. The ‘dining room’ so happened to be what people would call a ‘dump’ there was an old wooden table cased with scratches and severe dents, Lola rose remembered that she had once found it near a garbage can, picked it up and ran back home. Circling the table were 4 small chairs intensely cracked that even the inner sponge was exposed. The rest of the puny room remained bare except the damp in the wall causing a leakage that resulted in the layers of the ceiling to gradually peel off and expose the cement. Lola gingerly sat on one of the uncomfortable chairs and gazed down at her bowl of cabbage soup. They had been having cabbage soup for the past 6 years non-stop. Lola sipped the tasteless liquid as she repelled herself from gagging; she looked over at her parents who were devouring their soup as if it was gold. Lola felt a pang of sympathy, her parents worked so hard every day to ensure she went to school and had a roof over her head, yet she wasn’t satisfied? Lola gulped with guilt and observed Anthony as he stared at his bowl with an unhappy expression, Lola tried to introduce a melancholy environment and whispered: “Anthony, brother do eat up, you are severely underweight, you have deep dark prominent circles under your eyes and you are as pale as a ghost.” Anthony observed Lola’s face which was filled with concern “Do eat up as well Lola you are extremely thin.” Anthony murmured. Lola forced a smile on her face and rolled her eyes hysterically, She ruffled Anthony’s hair and yawned “Goodnight everyone, remember we have school tomorrow, Anthony!” Chapter 2: “Wake up Lola!” Anthony called bursting into Lola’s room. The sun filtered through the curtains and reflected on Lola’s face “Yes, I’m awake…” she mumbled sleepily. Anthony chuckled and left the room as Lola prepared for school, she and Anthony were bullied because they were poor and unlike the others, they arranged to meet in the library every lunchtime so they could stay away from the offensive comments both kids weren’t courageous enough to exclaim the truth to their parents so they remained quiet. Lola had one enemy in particular that singled out from the rest, Sky, the most popular girl in year 8, Skye had short white blonde hair, deep blue eyes and freckles resting across her nose. Skye was pretty on the outside but on the inside she was a fire breathing dragon. Anthony and Lola sidled as they made their way to school, their feet crunching on the gravel as they entered the school gates. “Shall we meet in the library again?” Anthony questioned softly. “Yes,” Lola replied as she wished Anthony luck and guided him to the year 5 corridor. Lola bolted to the year 8 corridor and cautiously made her way to her classroom. “Late again Lola Rose, what a shame, that’s a detention!” tutted Miss West a few people sniggered as Lola made her way to her seat, next to Lilly who then moved her chair to the very edge of the table “Why do I have to sit next to you?” she sighed glaring at Lola in disgust. Lola didn’t let Lilly get the better of her so she replied: “Well, I think the same!” Skye made eye contact with Lola “Goodness don’t you have any other clothes, Lola? You wore that same dress for the past 3 months” Skye smiled sweetly and commented with such sarcasm and passion. The class burst into laughter including the teacher who laughed so much that tears formed in her eyes, Skye raised her chin with pride as the people in the class laughed at her insult. Lola sat on the desk alone at lunchtime rudely glaring at Miss West who was busily working on her laptop. She couldn’t meet up with Anthony today; she imagined his hazel eyes twinkling with tears as he was waiting for Lola to arrive, Lola, sighed she was even a bad influence to her own brother making him wait for her as she was in the middle of detention. “Please Miss West can I tell my brother where I am as he is probably worried” She cried “Do you think me a fool missy, I know about you village people, you’ll run off having the time of your life!” she snapped. Lola internally cursed her and observed as Miss West struggled to move out of her chair which kept screeching as it skidded painfully across the tiles. Miss West eventually gave up as she was so plump. Lola sniggered lightly covering her mouth with her hand as she snorted. Miss West looked at Lola questionably “What’s so funny, eh, laughing at me struggling, Hilarious isn’t it, how dare you? Wicked evil twit sniggering at her elders!” without hesitation Miss West stood up from her desk and pushed the chair back, It screeched as loud as a siren, Lola grimaced covering her ears but Miss West stood motionless and took two strides towards Lola, grabbed her by the hair and yelled “This will teach you!” Lola skidded across the corridor struggling to get Miss West to let go of her, but it was useless as Miss West was far stronger than her. Lola’s head ached miserably as the hand released from her hair; she was standing directly outside the head teacher’s office. Miss West knocked on the door, her eyes glinting with excitement her lips pursed into an uneven smile “Isn’t so funny now, is it?  Lola licked her lips and sat down in the chair uncertainly as Miss West exaggerated about the situation. The headteacher shook her head shamefully and told Lola she should be ashamed of herself and that she was going the contact home. At hearing this Lola kneeled on the floor and begged for forgiveness but the two teachers furious, on the inside Lola felt hate for the two ‘beasts’ before her but on the outside remained sorry and shocked at her ‘actions’. Alas, she was allowed back in class after being yelled at. Miss West repeated the story to the class again exaggerating the event, all students were in pure and genuine shock and taunted at Lola for disrespecting her professor, Skye scolded Lola angrily and acted pious “Lola that isn’t very nice to make fun of your teacher.” Lola just wished she could scream and say that she wasn’t sorry at all and she didn’t care about anything that anyone said and in particular Lola wanted to grab the pair of scissors from her pencil case and chop at Skye’s hair, then she wanted to run up to Miss West and tell her how much she hated her snobby teacher. Lola’s stomach gurgled as she made her way to Anthony afterschool, it didn’t gurgle of hunger it gurgled of nervousness and anxiousness. “Lola, where were you at lunch, I waited forever in the library but you never came,” Anthony said frowning. “Sorry, well, it’s just that I got a detention for being late and then I laughed because well, Miss West was struggling but I knew I shouldn’t have but I did but… aww, Anthony, I’m scared” Lola shuddered as tears fell from her face, Anthony stroked her hair comfortingly and told her to calm down. “Lola I can’t believe this, I was sent a mail from your head teacher saying you were making fun of Miss West because she was struggling,” grumbled Dad drooping his shoulders with annoyance. Lola’s stomach churned upside down as she walked towards him. Her parents did have a right to be angry at her, after all, it was her fault and she shouldn’t have laughed, her Mum rushed into the room taken back with shock after reading the mail with pure anger she reached out and slapped Lola’s face, this was the first time that her parents had ever hit Lola, Lola was left oblivion, her father stumbled back with surprise at his wife’s move. Lola’s mum stared at her hand with regret and pain, and sat on the floor, rivers fell from her eyes. Finally, Lola regained her senses and shaped her mouth into an ‘o’ shape as she was still dumbstruck by the catastrophe. Lola’s mum lightly grabbed Lola’s dress and looked up longingly, her face full of sorrow as she spoke “ I’m so sorry Lola dear, it’s just that I never expected that from you and I’ve been so stressed recently, I didn’t mean to hit you, I love you, please forgive me, darling,,,.” Lola touched her Mum’s hand and smiles reassuringly “it’s okay Mum, im’ sorry myself, I shouldn’t have laughed in the first place.” Lola’s Dad gave her a hug as she promised to never do that again, Lola held her parent's hands, one hand in her mothers, and one hand in her father’s, just like the old times. Couldn't It always be like this? The memory fogged out of her brain she didn't have to be poor to be happy, she had her family and it was just them 4 in the world, nothing and no one else...  



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