"The Apple"

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Eight people emerge into each other’s lives, each having their own unique yet unknown murderous appetites. All shackled in an interrogation room, among them is Johnny Wikk, the son of a famously intelligent murderer. As truths are told and ulterior motives are revealed, the kids must fight both physically and mentally in order to survive. Johnny begins to change into what he always feared and once he feels that his humanity is bending, begins his work in setting everything right before it’s too late.

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Chapter one...

Submitted: June 03, 2011

Just the beginning of my novel, introduces the main characters and a few of the off main chars as well as their predicament. Read Chapter

Submitted: June 08, 2011

Chapter 2 "OK, what your going to have to do is gently tilt her head back and.."  Patrick began walking Johnny through the step... Read Chapter