The Heart

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For those who like cheesy things, uh...Alright, even Raven Akuma has feelings, y'know, I couldn't help myself! X3 Laugh if you must

Submitted: September 20, 2018

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(Author's Note: Thank you, reader, for taking the time to read my poem! "The Heart", here, is actually quite special. Maybe I made things more poetic, but I can take no credit for this story. It really comes from my great-grandmother and her late husband. After that grandmother's recent untimely death, I decided that I would pay tribute to her through my literature. It's even in her POV, mind you all.

When hearing this very story long ago, I couldn't help admiring my grandparents for how brave they had to be throughout an experience like this one. This poem shows the hardship they both had to endure, and just how strong they, especially my grandmother, had to be to deal with such a gruesome aftermath. Now, I hope you enjoy "The Heart", and if you do, then you know who to thank for it!)




I clung to hope

I clung to faith

And I truly believed

That it would protect us


We had married young

Found a small place to live

Bore two sons along the way

Indeed, a happy family we were


But when he slung the rifle

And bravely donned the camo

I felt my worry rising

My love, their father, going to war


Each day which passed us by

Without him at my side

I would pray and beg the lord

To watch and protect my love


But the evil reached him first

Human in vessel, monster in soul

Countless good soldiers they took

With my love caught in the crossfire


He went from a proud troop

To an imprisoned stupe


Then came the horrid march

“March, march, march-”

Day and night, hours passed

One by one slowly falling


March of doom, dance of death

“March, march, march-”

Troops starved and exhausted

But given no mercy at all


Six days the march lasted

Eighty-five miles they trekked

The American unit crippled

While the enemy only grew


Hell had frozen over

For those innocent souls

Evil held dominion

Over their unknown fates


I waited in troubled silence

Raising two childs on my own

Praying for my love’s salvation

And for my own absolution


Hurting was my sweetheart,

Grieving was my own heart


Until the day of absolution came

Oh, what relief I’d been granted!

How strikingly happy I’d become

To see him walk through the door


The Death March, he’d escaped

With his life and limbs intact

Our childs beamed with glee

And I nearly fainted in his arms


That night we celebrated

Inviting everyone to the soiree

Celebrating his life, his return

Our reunion- oh, what joy!


But then came nightfall

The childs trapped in slumber

The guests had left our home

While he and I were awake


As I cleaned our home

He sat in utter silence

I waited for his speech

But only a groan escaped


Why act this way?

Why so silent and gray?


I spoke with him

Worry in my tone

“My love, what is wrong?”

“What plagues you so?”


His response was short

So quick and empty

“It is a heartburn, dear”

“Nothing more than that”


When learning of his trouble

I’d given him every remedy

From science to wives tales

For this is the least I could do


And yet how worse it got!

A burning in his chest

He groaned and moaned

Begging for some relief


How I trembled and wavered!

Like a leaf in a winter storm

I pleaded, begging for his life-

“Oh God, spare him his soul!”


I stayed helplessly aside,

Until he finally died


Limp went his hand

Stagnant was his chest

My own terror and dread

Reflected in his empty eyes


That night, he was taken

His body sent to the grave

His soul sent to the heavens

While I was still trapped here


I wept and cried that whole night

Agony splitting my mind in two

Grief shaking the core of my soul

Despite my denial, the truth was there


I had lost my love!

How worse than on the battlefield!

His own damaged heart had killed him

Claimed his life, and I had to watch it all!


My childs would have no father

I would have no husband to comfort me

How was I to go on, this way?!

The faith and hope I held- it deceived me so!


My love, to heaven agone,

And I was left to grieve alone



© Copyright 2019 Raven Akuma. All rights reserved.

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