Paved Lanes

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I need to give you something.

Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Submitted: May 06, 2016



He paved a way for his name with own bare hands; found a place to call his own 

Now they claim the lane he strayed in was the source of his pain 

That's why he never left his home he was afraid of most men 

The more time passed the worse that he had gotten; his fortune was squandered on paranoid obsession 

When the delusion finally strayed it drug him with it, through the mud and the flames, to his grave

Until his last breath he caved himself in with luxurious pleasures 

Little did he know this compulsion was the derivation of his monstrous displeasure 

Succubi and demons controlled his every movement; it grew inside until it consumed him

When he was alone in the dark he was at his most frugal

As soon as he would see the light it was all lavish and excuses 

"He was better than other men" is the reason why his life was full of stress

But he made his name with his own bare hands; he's gotta live with the side effects

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