concerning Iran (a brief letter to the american voter)

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turn off the tv,
get out of the voting booth &
get into the streets.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



dear miss or mister


which face that you see being displayed on your


do you think will get us into a war with Iran



will it be mr. hope & change,

whose translucent slogans were

transparent to many of us,

even prior to his ascendance,

whose own hands became bloodied/dirtied on

the way up,

and who now spends his time

twisting on the marionette stage

to the hand motions of the moneyed interests

who fueled his first campaign &

who have fueled his present one?


as the manipulators of mr. hope & change

make him continue to strangle Iran with sanctions,

pull funding from Palestine &

pump more & more money into

militarized & already nuclear


will the region get any more peaceful?

will all the countries who showed their dissent with


Arab Spring

then become the little slaves that the empire wants

them to be

under mr. hope & change,

further gearing up hatred,

encouraging the next 9/11 on US soil

as a direct result?




will it be mr. romney, mr. santorum, mr. gingrich or

mr. perry, whose combined complete lack of concern

for the

citizen of the empire & wanton militancy

will sacrifice everything to crush the last stronghold

left in the region

(who refuses to bend over the table for america

so that it can install another Shah &

rape it of its oil)

in the name of the war on “Islamic Fundamentalism,”

whose characteristics seem all too familiar

if you are watching the whole thing happen from a

television in


“Evil Empire?”




will these iron-fisted capitalists

who make fun of the unrest within their own country

by blaming the unemployed for the occupation of wall

st. etc.,

march into Iran

(like the christian caped crusaders that ya know they

see themselves

as---finally getting to convert the infidels after all these


with the big american military penis)

like they marched into Iraq &

they marched into Afghanistan

only a few years ago,

to incinerate the country &

start building permanent bases there with money that

could have been spent on

universal healthcare for americans,

better education for american children,

new employment opportunities through making


green &

paying off our own debt?


how many Iranian citizens are going to die because of

the american empire’s hegemony & hubris?



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