comfort crush

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Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



it is of course the

waiting, which can

drive us mad, when

one realizes that they

have feelings for someone

else (to put it lightly) &

this is twice as difficult

when the mystery of

whether or not they feel

the same hangs in the

balance &

every day is like a tightrope

walk, where suddenly what

had been a casual approach

to life, now gets honed down

to the wire & one finds

themselves suspicious of

their own motives, practicing

speeches, pondering reactions

& overall, just not wanting to

fuck up any chance with

whoever it is that you got the

crush on---now,

unrequited love can suck,

no doubt about that &

one can start to wonder

just how many times you have

to fall before you stay down

on the ground, refusing to get


but there are alternatives.


the comfortable crush is

different, for it is spawned from

two individuals who have spent

time well before affection

emerged & from this friendship,

companionship in some way or

mere acquaintance at work or in

some other social context, a

bond arises which shows itself to

be blooming at its own pace,

owing nothing to deliberate

attempts at satisfying the

individual needs of one

person, but instead, through that

beautiful meshing of the two.

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