Our Earth Day With Trump

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Let us trump this hour of deepest gratitude what makes us humble before Mother Nature. Your need trump this greatness of a very true need. :)

Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



Living among dried up rivers,

Birds scan its last bud of convenience beating against dry hot climate,

Our roles how this misery may conflict with time,

They cry around concrete walls for a care from the alerts of soil beneath,

Answers for everyones quest for their home,

Some never come back for home yet reap their last breath in this fall,

In safety when we plough far hit the ground for water,

I see the trees being chopped down,

Today how Sun disorganize its rays not just in words,

No home for shade in their quests of persistence extrapolated near a hope may remain again,

A drop of happiness bury Bad thirst yet unseen in admissions for help,

People ask a submission of kindness when we need unnoticed walk-through back in time again,

These happen where many leaves a crime undone again,

Hidden hints easily may compromise on the main attempts to answer only time may ever see them,

We are not late but by the time when there is a absolute adoptions,

Here false challenges ask us time yet we know what we need to do now is undone,

For our blessing of this curse living around together where we are,

This didnt arise for a tree or fire in the midst of reservoirs,

Did arise just for the need to rethink what we can do for better now,

I change this script as a lawn of many hideouts of unreasonable insecurities where we feel safe today,

Around my green vintage once flowers attracted bee bugs for most important nectar of peace,

They know those existing lockout may not exist no more again yet keep humming around us,

Their gifted chains around just a heartflet new fruits tied around underground streams sweat of spring,

When lost time of this drought near my farmland change grades these convinctions,

Do we need to blame Gods in response for what I ask someone for help?

He says they are helpless yet I begin from HIS work for a reunion of our confidence,

Expecting in what we dont know about God who measure HIS new plans unseen solving this serious issues,

From this creation killer questions live near very skills arising humble situations of sacrifices,

If we do something from hands of unexpectancies,

Our destiny will not risk this duty of a land away from risking one human family bond of true love,

Consider Gods creation in our bunch of questions we ask for new resources with this simple grant,

When forgotten simple wish of this falling home may not scrub into pieces of the sweat so busy for earning daily bread,

Our next hand to have wonders in this human playground be with Mother Natures codes of ethics,

Where toughest promises of all greatness leave weaknesses away from serious issues for what we can do now,

Today our entire universe makes dramatic curve to someone in this illustrations,

Once again this home evidence our commitment to make our world for a better place in this Earth Hour,

Here learning your proudest of gifts stands us united for a opportunity time has offered,

Let smile of this simple wish makes miles united pounded for our experiments from the knowledge of heritage we are gifted here,

One day again let Children of this soil camp their home flying the colors of rainbow in the sport of this cultural fields,

Today this farmland needs organic care with fresh water resources just like this lettermans wish,

Skies that happens for a wave of pouring rain may rinse this farmers kindergarden with new harvest of fresh vegetables,

Let our goverment hopefully take this opportunity for planting this new experience with organic evergreen farming practices,

When God has given you the indications of this exciting times for a love that coexist from the heart of HIS childs simplicity,

There is a world appear to talk about our adventure to feed the needy with rich source of a good start,

Today this situation sense accomplishment asking us to embrace the love for Mother Natures greenery,

May the long gone volunteer of this voice within,

Ask each one of our responsibility be honest for answering this Earth Hour call now.

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