The Abandoned Publishing House

“It is right this way.  Through this gate right here.  Don’t worry about that sign, it is perfectly safe if you follow some simple rules.” “As you can see it does need a little work, the roof leaks, the plumbing is shot and most of the windows are busted out, otherwise it is a grand old Victorian house.”   “Oh, you wish to know the rules.  First and foremost, do not drink anything Ian offers you, it may be poisoned.”   “You don’t know Ian, well I’ll be sure to introduce you and after that avoid him.”   “The second most important rule is DO NOT TOUCH the tomatoes, they belong to Frank, the spider.”   “You will know Frank when you see him, eight hairy legs, eight eyes and the size of a semi.”  “Third don't poke the guy in the cage he does bite and the cage isn’t locked.” “Fourth stay out of the basement, we are still looking for parts of the last person to go down there.” “Oh, that smell, you will get use to it in a week or so, if you survive that long.” “So, come on in, the door is missing so we couldn’t keep you out even if we wanted to.”

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