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Prompt: Walking through a dark asylum. Voices call out, what do they say? Read More

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Just my thoughts on my writing so I can remember them. :p You can answer the same questions if you choose! Read More
Angela Duckworth has written with passion about passion. This book review looks at some of the qualities high achievers have and the science of measuring those attributes. Read More
Are Beautiful Creatures characters really beautiful as they says to be?? Read More
A book review of Ron Miscavige's memoir "Ruthless" about his time as a member of Scientology. His son, David, is the leader of the church. Read More
Kali Nicole Gross, a black women's experiences scholar, has brought all her investigative and research talents to bear in writing this book about a grizzly murder. The title character dumps a headless and limbless torso onto a creek bank and the story takes off from there. Read More
O'Rourke defines the baby boom generation as those born between 1946 and 1964. This is a review of his book "The Baby Boom", which is a memoir of sorts. Read More
A book review of FBI insider Ron Kessler's work "The Secrets of the FBI". Read More
Not all experiences in life are empirically explainable, some are a matter of faith. This is a review of the book "Glimpses of Heaven" in which the author, Trudy Harris, uses her career as a hospice nurse to tell the story of 44 patients whose last days demonstrate that faith. Read More
A review of Laura Skandera Trombley's "Mark Twain's Other Woman, The Hidden Story of His Final Years." Read More
Steve Jobs' management style was different. Isaacson's book portrayed Jobs in frank terms as demonstrated by this review. Read More

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So the other day I felt in the mood for a rant, I guess, about a book I read a few months ago, and this was the result. Warning: strong language © Copyright 2015 BriannasBooks Read More

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An interpretation of life as I know it. Read More
A curious work by a young Daniel "Vicarious" Glazzie authored many years ago -- a fantastic fanfiction tale in which the mysterious overlord of the universe "Freiza" returns to Earth, to wreak havoc. Read More
Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee is a novel not to be missed. It is about racism, and change and family all masterfully intertwined together. Read More
A candid summary and review of the merits to author JDK's self proclaimed story of "alright quality". Read More

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This is a list of my top ten favorite book characters. Read More
Doris Kearns Goodwin writes about the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft and their dealings with the progressive press of their time in "The Bully Pulpit". This is a book review of the work. Read More
Woodrow Wilson was our twenty-eighth president. A. Scott Berg has written a comprehensive insight into the man and the politician. The reviewer draws some parallels between Wilson's time and the politics that drive the presidency today. Read More
Veteran Kennedy follower, Richard Klein wrote the biography of Ted Kennedy that is reviewed here. The reviewer takes exception to the sensationalism of the work. Read More
Paul Newman was one of the most prolific and popular actors of the twentieth century. Shawn Levy uses Newman's own words to tell the story of this screen icon in his book "Paul Newman, A Life" which is reviewed here. Read More