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Short Story / Horror

December 31, 1969

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What would you do if you had to murder somebody for the first time? Read More

Featured Review by haywire

"Thank God. Its a just a story. Damn" Read More

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*For all purposes and intentions, this wasn't supposed to be released, but it would be wrong to allow this to collect dust; completely used to spite my teacher, and I hope this reaches her; incorrect format, crude humor, and stereotypes...Enjoy* Read More

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A young boy gets to know his father's horse. Read More

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Two teenagers are chosen to be superheros with the help of the jewels and kawmis. They can stop innocent people being super villain. Read More

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Please read "Dream for Dream" before reading this as its the continued version. The boy narrates his story. Read and find why this story is named as DREAM FOR DREAM. Link: Previous part:- Read More

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Strange feelings of having relived this at some other time or place. Read More

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Max just liked the attention whether it was good or bad he found a way to get it. But one wish could change everything.this is my unfinished script from 2011 that i hope to one day finish and edit it to make it wayyy better. Read More

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I have many dreams :P i know u guys too have many :) This is the story of a boy from INDIA who wants to be a writer.He is from a poor family who owns a local dhaba(restaurant). But you guys know thar Dreams dont have differences whether its a… Read More

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Sarah is a tiger that ventures out on a wild adventure to track down a special creature. On the adventure she gets into some trouble involving a toucan and some the end Sarah learns and important life lesson about curiosity. Read More

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The moral of this story is simple: Looks can be deceiving. Read More
sasha and ben where not like normal brother and sister.while on a family holiday they where caught up in a electrical they slept a bolt of lightning sruck there birth they were given a gold bracelet each..the lightning hit these and they were chosen and given the power.when… Read More

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It is story, which is based on father and daughter relationship. I write in the script about highness of the angry man. It is very good story please read and give your feedback to me. Read More

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Written by Chad Read More

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Acka has never had a pet before...... but when her asignment is to make a documentary on a asigned kitten.She knows her parent's will not allow it.... What will she do to save the kitten and what will her parents do to destroy it Read More

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A good time to play this script is when your are going to decorate the Christmas Tree! This is my first script please give me tips! Read More

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Beauty and Beast remix. Magnesium's version. Read More

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A typical morning, with a twist of blessing. Read More

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The Christmas Distaster is about three siblings that come together after the death of their grandmother to recreate a Christmas gathering from their childhood. Read More

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This script is about a young boy named Tom who fears darkness & his journey to overcome it. It tells us the secrets behind overcoming our deepest, darkest of fears & how important it is to do so... Hope you like it :) Read More

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Another little red riding hood story read and enjoy. Read More

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This is a story that me and my 5 year old brother came up with so uhm yeah. Read More