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Amidst the times of an ordinary life lies the threat of mundanity to pull at our interest's. For young Darrell he lives the life such as this in college. He is an ordinary boy with an ordinary middle class life. He goes to class and cgoes to his dorm. He… Read More

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So this project is going to be called "Bandit" for now. The synopsis: A young detective and his partner discover a powerful crime ring that utilizes futuristic technology that threatens society. On his journey, he will experience hell and have a firsthand look at the true evil man is capable… Read More
This is just a character summary for my character named Jimmy. He is a bit of a Gary Stu. This was for a drama project. Read More
Skyler never meant to. but no one knows. Bailey knows they think she's dead, but i'm alive. alive and in trouble. Find out the whole story and what happens. ( this is just the first chapter) Read More
this is just the chapter and its short. i need some advice as im only 13 and need help with my writing Read More
This is a bit I cut off of chapter 3 of my Adventure Team 3: The Devil's Triangle book. I wanted to leave Mr. Pitch's introduction to another character in a later chapter... but I liked this piece so much (and it's so dark)... I wanted to share it. Read More
This book was made by Awesomeness2669 to inform people of things they might have missed or didn't know about the stories Read More
Elizabeth Erin Ether may seem to be a typical teenage girl. But, in fact she is not, she is a ghost. She joins the assassins on their mission to protect earth from demons and monsters. Read More
Elizabeth has joined the hunters. She is a teen ghost. She is trying to make sense of all the new stuff happening in her life. Read More
elizabeth erin ether seems like a typical teenage girl. but, in fact she is a ghost. she joins with an organization called the assassins. their job: to kill all the monsters and demons that try to destroy the earth. Read More
War is when good men send innocent men to lose their innocence. Fighting an enemy strictly because you are told too, killing another member of your very own species because they are trying to kill you as well, you lose that innocence. People who return from war are never the… Read More

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This is a diary of a Viking woman with a Daughter called Thora and a Husband called Hammond. They will see the coast of Britain and find themselves in York. What will happen? Die or survive? Read More
Found these images at Google Images (All rights are with Google Images and those who either created or uploaded them) Read More

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Its about a zombie apocalypse. and what I went through to meet my friends, while searching for any and all things i can use to survive Read More
Summary of new story I'm working on Read More

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The short recounting of the final events of The Men of Govel. Read More

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This is the prologue for the book I'm writing I hope you enjoy. I also use little to no cursing in my work so if u are looking for something more clean in that area than this is for u. :) Read More
An intro for the story i am writing Read More