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Julie also has sex, much to her boss Bill's immeasurable delight. Yes, Julie is wonderful around the office and even better when she works overtime. The best part is that Bill's wife Alice knows that her husband is having sex with his secretary-and she thoroughly approves....Now The Action Begins..... TO… Read More

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Mad Max: fury Road is an action English movie. Read More

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"You are a very special girl Aquamarine never forget that.". At first it scared me. I thought I was crazy and that I was hearing things, but later I found out I was connected to the ocean. Read More

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Miranda my younger sister is dead, and its all because of me. Why didn't I just say sorry and beg her to hold the camera for me. I had promised my best friend Zoe that she could be on screen with me for this YouTube vlog. I am Tori Grey… Read More

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This is a comparison between The Hunger Games and THE MAZE RUNNER. Please give me feedback! THANK YOU Read More