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Topic: Points & Badges

Starting now, there shall be rewards for participating in challenges. These rewards come in two forms, points and badges (or achievements). Every time you participate in a type of challenge, you'll gain points as long as you complete it.

There are also difficulties for each challenge, beginner, adept and expert. The tougher difficulties will present more points. You will be able to receive badges for gaining points, participating in challenges or for other methods.

Below is a list of everyone who has participated in challenges, with their respective points and badges.

Hullabaloo (20) PunBB bbcode test PunBB bbcode test
Kossettes (20) PunBB bbcode test
T.E. Jackson (20) PunBB bbcode test
Lemon Jell-O (20) PunBB bbcode test
CheyJade (20) PunBB bbcode test

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Re: Points & Badges

Hullabaloo, Koessettes, T.E. Jackson, Lemon Jell-O and CheyJade earned the Honey Bun Achievement

Feel free to add the badges to your profile or news.


Re: Points & Badges

Hullabaloo earned the Not A Tardigrade Achievement for the story Kind Of Dead