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A battle of the mind, body and soul against his vice. He has given up and life, and chose that, which is destroying him. Although, it is his worst enemy it is also his best friend. He can no longer distinguish reality from fiction. He is dead in life. Far… Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"So much feeling, so much despair in these words, temoc. A hard-hitting emotional read." Read More

Poem / Humor

January 08, 2019

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Dedicated and written for Ben Blask, freshman year of highschool, you freaking kook. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

January 15, 2019

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Nrekeeka 'Keeka' Seldon knows what it feels like to lose loved ones. First her father, then her mother, and now her sister has contracted the deadly Amaran Virus. The Parset Department of Health and Welfare have been searching for the cure for decades, only to come up empty-handed. Desperate, they… Read More

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Four days a week, I drive to Denver from Colorado Springs. This poem is just some of the things that I observe. Read More

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Serenity Walker has cast runes for as long as she can remember. Her teachers call her a prodigy, and her secret studies hold the key to unlimited potential. Once an orphan left on an old woman's doorstep, Serenity finally belongs. But when her mentor is murdered right in front of… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Fantasy

January 17, 2019

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A young boy named Atlas Wahl finds himself in a secret war against monsters created by a substance called "Despair". Read More

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As usual, it speaks for itself again. Read More
part two of the continued story from Matsumoto: Rising Star. Read More
Part one of the continued story from Matsumoto: Rising Star. Read More

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It's just us, and perhaps some more... Read More

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Space is lonely sometimes. Companion to this: Read More

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4 beings control the 4 major drives of existence: Life, Time, Cupid, and Grim Reaper. Life doesn't give any thought to any of the others. Time is quite punctual and OCD and does not wait. Cupid is a warrior, protector, miracle worker, and everything in between. Grim Reaper is just,… Read More

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there's always that one lie... you want to believe Read More
This is a collection of cases of the missing people (mainly from the United States tho any exceptions will be labeled). Here we will examine the cases that range from 1950 to 1969. Although this work is based more on articles read than actual field research, it is my goal… Read More
In this nonet poem, we are being asked to look at a photograph of a possible alien abduction couple. Read More

Poem / Horror

January 17, 2019

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Sarconiux's realm in the underworld, as seen through a demon's eyes. Read More
What happens when gangsters came looking for drugs and you hold your resolve for the wrong reason. Read More

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This is a never before told story of an evolved race of superhumans (or Evo-lved Citizens) that occupy our planet, led by heroic leaders known as Exemplars. One role an Exemplar plays is to protect people against individuals known as Rogues, who threaten civilization with dystopia. Being an Exemplar is… Read More

Chapter 1

Book / Thrillers

January 17, 2019

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To their family and friends, Tom and Lisa Granger were the perfect couple. However, perfection always comes at a price. Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"Oh, I'm very much liking the first chapter, Markie Bee. Looking forward to seeing where you take this." Read More

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This 56 word etheree poem is about the type of argument the author's friend had with with his father which made that friend leave home. Read More

Chapter 2

Book / Sports

January 17, 2019

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In a world where snowboarding and skiing were everything. After a fatal accident what should someone do to be able to make it? Read More

Chapter 17

Book / Other

January 17, 2019

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War Story is a complex story that is based on my Parallel Worlds vision. This means that this story is set in our world as it can be, not necessarily what is or was. It is a work of fiction about a group of friends during World War II. Because… Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 17, 2019

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It's a haiku (a poem that contains three sentences/phrases/verses). Read More

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We are working on fables in class, and I figured I could just post this. Enjoy! Note: Something is wrong with the text size, I tried to fix it but it won't work, sorry. Read More