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Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018



Deity my statement for you as the creator that you are the person for this poem.

And we made the sun and moon not that we make idols but we make things the earth and universe use and see and that we make it be it thing that it flew yet look how it made be this that we create it be all it is that no person on earth can make the sun or moon while it be made as all it both is that we show when we create things we complete it be all it is then see how useful it is for other things in the universe or do they think earth is not in the universe while earth uses them both as it is near you to see them each that we show we create all things you see to be it structure or do they think we created the sun moon and universe that we could not create the human and jinn bodies when we make all other things be it body of celestial and we put humans bodies to live in our universe and earth they can not create or do they think they made the earth as they live on it while they not seen nor remember they made earth while they see earth looks like a complete structure to the likes of the sun moon and the universe and their human bodies that we create each thing be all it is and that is what you can not create so we make you be what we create as we show you many things the earth uses and sees that you people can not create and we give this for your human body exist or do they assume they are creators of their human body and earth then do they create to not of created all else the earth has in the universe while we created it and their earth and human bodies so we create them have everything they like and need to be alive with a universe then see how we show them they can not live without the universe nor can they be creators for their human bodies they born to just be this without us created them a universe then how can they create their human body had we not have them this and a universe and we created all things to give them all they can believe they created to see we created it then we give them reality that shows worship to us is all their reality be this perfect.

And we made each thing to guide them in knowing all reality we made things to show and we can make things be this and we created this to be what we can show things be for you as we make you know of the reality things is do that it makes things be like and think how make it be the reality we can do as reality for things or do they think we have no such power show this after we make the people wish and seen how things startles them to know what paradise can be like and we would be creators for this just how we created the earth and the heavens reality or do they prefer us lack in power to not create be real what we make you think is how paradise be a reality in the earth world we shown you we made then see how you wish paradise be real it make us creators for your desires and perfect how we made the earth reality for you become what we make as paradise.

Do they not think we have paradise for them when we show all things has such a reality to happen that it make you wish and see how it just be perfect then look how we create a reality to make you believe how it should be like as all things that had we created a paradise this makes you and all things be and do paradise and how we have made each thing so it produces a reality of has caused to make paradise be real and a chain of causes so other things knows everything does paradise and has paradise with things use do your reality needs then see how we created everything so it be what it is and has other things be what it is so paradise causes is your reality and so we create you be things that is be knowing and be what and have what that is how paradise happens real and that we show you we are creators of all things as you appear in what we create then see how the earth is what we created for you as that where you realised how things does paradise.

And we startles them about are form of reality for things and they is be paradise from the things they see happen and wish it be like this then how else can are form be as creators when we have them knowing what reality can be like as things that we would only have forms of realities where we make things only be like this paradise then see how we only cause it be paradise because we create it be this as things and we know how to happen it like this so we startle the people about are form as being the creators and what paradise is like as we make them know this about things they see in reality and what powers is about to create things be this paradise so we can only create them be like what they believe are creation can be as we create the creation be what things is for they believe and do at this and we have how we use the creation and think at it is what we cause things to have as reality as we make the creation to happen at us and things how we think to cause it be this so we paradise things when it be wished to happen like this so we make paradise be real as it happens like this wish and doing at it being this so we show the people we create like what we know then they are startles to how paradise is happen as they know how things does it just like this to be like the wishes that only explains shows it be perfect what things does and be as we are creators of things that we know what it be like to happen things how it does paradise so we create that reality for it so all are causes does paradise to you as we make creation that is does causes to you that we made creation to how it can paradise you all it does be to cause this so you people see you are made as a body to become the paradise power as it happen it reality like what your body does and be from how wish paradise be real as this makes you cause paradise be reality so we startle you in knowing what we create you to be it as the body of that life do all a body has as paradise as we create things do be all it likes and we made all things so you are knowing of what you be as paradise as we create things to be what it is to do this reality so we startle them for certain as to the creator they own to make them exist and have as you and me be things to what can happen and know like the reality of things being this does and has paradise as we are made as things to happen in reality like what we know is be the happening as this how paradise works as deity creates for what it knows perfect and made us think how perfect reality be so we have a reality for what we wish as it is for knowing what paradise does as we exist with things wish how it paradise us.

Deity you show you are the worship and fantasy i need for reality be paradise as you show me alive bodies on earth playing strong yet this does not show the dead are doing this instead of be sick weak when alive and how this shows me visions of your power creates people be alive strong while those playing happy alive do not show this has created the sick weak and dead be alive playing strong and have paradise for their body play now so i see deity your powers in my fantasies is for worship as that fantasy describes how your ability knowledge is creating all bodies be alive strong from what you believe and create and that you made the earth reality for us believe and be knowing about your powers so when we play strong live incredible we know what you create for things be like as you want us know how other things be like as we use the reality be a body of how you perfect it for what we do now and we are made to believe in what paradise does to things because deity you already think this about each body and other things and you create this be a reality on it and we are things in your creation about what is paradise from knowing what all things be like as a paradise so we think how you do for all things as then we know what paradise does to each thing since your form thinks this and creates it for each things have it wishes come true and to know what all the wishes and causes of paradise does because this happens while we play and think string and incredible on earth and for this deity you have fantasies and realities that makes people strong have a life and this can be imagined as to what you do for the reality of things while we play strong as it seem like you made us a body to know what your paradise does to things that this cause are wishes come true on those things because deity you already do this for each thing at death and for their life in paradise to also make their body have paradise in the world they live and enter live in as deity you want us to k is what you create as it is real to be and this is what we suppose to think as the reality for things while we play strong and be pleasured and seek desires have and miracles be real as we suppose think of all your miracles as this is from knowing what things can be like instead of how it is and to know all things is being how know as it condition as this reveals the miraculous reality and body it should have so we know the paradise powers of deity and things to have this is this because while we be a body in reality the deity powers is all knowing and producing of this paradise for what things be and think like in reality and because all things what is now happening being of it this causes what deity buses and we can imagine is the paradise ideas of paradise reality for it like what deity creates be real for the bodies because deity imagines all these paradise ideas that we can think as we live in the reality to know what things has happen and be as bad and good to realise the miracle reality for you so deity makes us be like it power of knowledge how miraculous it is to know what is happening to each thing what paradise does for it be real better love life.

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