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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Chapter 44

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



Chapter 44

Surely it can't be much further, James shouted .

Are you OK Emilio asked looking over to James.

Which made me also look over to James.

To tell you the truth no I am not OK James replied.

I keep forgetting your an old man, joked Emilio.

Yes I am an old man, but none of us have eaten, drank or slept properly in hours, I think that might have a lot to do with it snapped James.

Not the fact you need a drink then smirked Emilio.

Yeah maybe I do need a drink, and I am sure your over due for a sniff of Charlie, shouted James angrily.

That was a one off, replied Emilio now going red.

Yeah right said James.

Alex then looked over to me.

I looked at him, and decided maybe it was best we stopped for a while.

So I announced it was time to take a break and that we should all hold on tight, in case the horses decided to throw us off like last time.

With everyone holding on for dear life, I then shouted stop horses.

But they took no notice and carried on.

Strange I thought, maybe they did not hear, so I said it again.

Stop horses.

But still they galloped on.

Both Alex and Emilio, then pulled hard on the reigns, to try to get them to stop, but neither horse took notice and still galloped on.

I don't like this Alex said.

Why don't they stop said James.

I don't know I replied.


Mr President sir, the Mexican President is on the phone, said one of the President's security staff rushing into the oval office without even knocking.

What said the President, shocked at what he had just heard.

Sir he said it's very important, and needs to speak to you straight away, replied the employee.

OK, I will take it but get Ms Benn in here straight away, replied the President, before picking up his phone, to speak with the Mexican President.

Yes sir replied the employee, before rushing back out of the oval office to find Laura.


I have just got off the phone from the Mexican president, the consultant said in a angry voice to the police chief standing in front of him.

OK sir, said the police chief, starting to shake.

The Mexican President asked why the army had been deployed and who had given permission for it, the consultant then said, with his voice getting angrier and angrier.

The police chief thought it best to say nothing, and just listen to what the consultant had to say.

I told him I did as a mater of importance for the country, though I did not tell him the real reason why, the consultant went on to say

OK sir repeated the police chief, shaking even more.

The President then asked me how did I know before him an American aircraft had been spotted in our airspace, said the consultant, beginning to fume with rage.

Maybe sir it is something completely unrelated, answered the police chief, now sweating uncontrollably.

Someone has alerted them you idiot, what the hell would American aircraft be doing, heading in the same area that we are searching for our outlaws, shouted the consultant banging his fist down hard on his desk.

The police chief trembled, fearing what the consultant might do next.

I am guessing our President, will now be on the phone speaking to the American President, and is probably being told everything, then said the consultant.

We don't know that sir, replied the police chief, trying to calm the consultant, but to no avail.

I will not allow anyone to get in the way of the plans I have made for these two people, not even our President, screamed the consultant.

The police chief was sure he was about pass out with fright.

Now you listen to me, I want a helicopter brought here now, and I want officers, and I will go and get them myself, do you hear me, so called chief of police, said the consultant.

Yes sir said the police chief, almost hyperventilating.

Go now and get me what I have asked for, then shouted the consultant.

Yes sir aid the police chief, before turning around and rushing out of the consultants office.

I will find them myself and bring them back here, I will not allow anyone to take over or control what I have discovered, said the consultant to himself, before banging his fist down hard on his desk again.


If these horses don't stop we are going to have to jump, I shouted to everyone.

Are you mad said Emilio, that could kill us all.

Well if you look at James, he looks like he's close to death as it is I said now worried for him.

Alex like me was also very concerned for James's well being.

He will be fine he's probably just horse sick shouted Emilio.

Before I could say another word, we all heard the faint sound of aircraft approaching.

Oh shit they have found us screamed Emilio.

James who had become very weak, perked up after hearing Emilio scream, and asked if we were being saved.

No I think that's the bad guys I replied to James, with a sad face.

I think that is why the horses would not stop when you asked them shouted over Alex.

Yes they must of known, I replied.

So what are we going to do said James.

Emilio panicking like a mad man, pulled as hard as he could on the reigns for the horse to stop or change course but the horse took no notice.

I looked at Alex, who was doing the same as Emilio, then over to James.

I needed to make a decision.

James, we are going to try and get you some help, even if that means, handing ourselves in, so you hold on in there, I announced.

Are you mad shouted Emilio, where are we going to get help out here, and the moment we show our selves we will be arrested and sentenced to death, and even if we could get him help, I doubt the horses will take us to it.

Would you shut the fuck up for a moment I then shouted at Emilio, James is clearly ill and getting worse, if it was you I would do the same.

Emilio now fuming at me telling him to shut the fuck up, turned quickly and gave me an evil look.

Liz I hate to say it shouted Alex, but the aircraft is getting closer and I think we are still a long way off the coast.

I still have faith these horses know what they are doing and will see us right, I replied before looking at James again.

So the horse whisper thinks we will be OK, I doubt that very much, shouted Emilio.

Before any of us could say another thing, both horses quickly steered us off the track they had been following and into a heavy dark wooded area, just as the aircraft, what ever it was, flew over head.

All of us held on tighter than ever as both horses, manoeuvred us around trees, and over unsteady ground.

I can't take much more of this shouted Emilio, closing his eyes and hoping against all hope the horses would not crash into the trees.

At that moment I was more scared then I had been through out the whole ordeal.

And there was something seriously wrong with James, and he needed help desperately.

It was because of me we were all in this situation.

A miracle was needed now.

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