The Terrific Two

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Into the Darkness

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



Chapter 9- Into the Darkness


Dracos had made the decision to keep all the interior and grounds personnel at the palace. It still needed to function and be maintained. They were now forced to live there.

Lilith had been shown to her bedroom. The maid asked if she wanted anything to eat and she shook her head no.

She laid down on her side on the bed and looked out the window at the sunny blue sky. She still quietly wept.

Lilith, determined to get ahold of herself and accept things the way they were, at least for the time being, sat up and took in the room's view.

The bed frame was highly ornate with gold and silver decor. The ceiling exhibited a celestial scene, full of angels and clouds and a deep blue sky.

She hung her head and gathered her thoughts.

Her father would have wanted her to be strong. Forthwith, Lilith made up her mind that is how she would be despite how hopeless everything appeared.

She surmised the rest of the world must be this way; virtually on it's knees in front of some kind of alien armada. Maybe there was no hope. It certainly seemed that way.

Lilith saw a small book on a mirrored dresser. She walked over and picked it up.

It was very old. A dairy! She started thumbing through the pages when there was a knock at the door. She bade the unknown knocker to enter.

It was him. He had to bend over to get through the doorway.

The purple colored giant just stood and stared at her.

"I am sorry for all that has happened," he began. "but now there is a new order for your world. I will rule and I want you to be by my side, as my empress."

She just glared at him, the book still in her hand.

"You can have anything you want as far as we can provide. Please accept me."

Anger now took over her fear


Dracos looked down. "Please don't call me a monster," he softly said.


Ray had strapped Chief Archer onto a gurney which was attached to the interior hull. He now occupied the co-pilot seat next to Mike. They were clocking along at about 100 knots.

Suddenly the sonar started beeping. Ray and Mike glanced down to see several alien craft pursuing them.

Kronos had seen the craft's blip on their screen . He once again dispatched fighters to intercept the craft and destroy it.

The ALS Craft seemed to be just as fast as their fighters .Additionally it had almost limitless nuclear power.

Ray turned and looked back at the cheif. He was still unconscious.

"I wonder how much longer we can stay ahead of those things," Ray said.

"Given that we are just as fast as they are, for a very long time. But they will probably send more after us and try to pin us in somewhere," Mike said.

They were well out of the area that the fleet had been decimated in by now.

 Mike steered the craft up over a large rock formation.

The sonar now indicated that they were moving over a large undersea canyon.

Ray glanced at the sonar again. The fighters were still with them, only now they were going faster.

 With the speed they were going it would not be very long before the ALS Craft would be overtaken.  Ray cursed loudly. Mike glanced over at him and then down at the screen. He gritted his teeth and tried to obtain more speed, but could not.

Ray looked again at the sonar and realized there was only one undersea formation like this. The Trinity Straight. He informed Mike that they were right over it.

Mike took the craft into the straight and they twisted and turned around the bends. Suddenly a large formation that appeared to be hollow appeared on the sonar.

"Sir! Look at the screen! It looks like a big cave!" Ray exclaimed.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Mike asked

"Yes sir!" Ray answered, "Swing into it!"

With that, Mike slowed the craft down and turned into the cave.

Ray knew there was a strong possibility that he just signed their death warrants, but taking this chance seemed to be their only hope.

With the craft's powerful front lights and by what the sonar was indicating, the gigantic cave was really the entrance to some sort of tunnel. The screen indicated that the tunnel gradually acended upwards for a very long distance.

The craft, now at about half the speed it was going, sped into the darkness, going up and up.

The fighter force commaner could not believe how their target had disappeared. He slowed his craft way down and began circling the area that their target was last detected. The other fighters joined him and began circling also.

Suddenly his screen indicated a large opening of some sort. He thought this had to be where they went to.

Only problem now was that his attention was so fixed on his sonar screen that he collided with one of the other fighters, greatly damaging it. The pilot swiftly ejected.

The leader cursed. He directed his craft over to where the pilot's escape pod was and opened a bay on the bottom of his craft. With a tractor beam, he caused the pod to rise into the bay.


A large object came into view on the ALS Craft's sonar. The two men then realized they had reached the end of the tunnel.

The front lights shown on a massive ceiling. The craft reached a water surface and now floated in another large cave. They had apparantly reached sea level.

Mike manuveared the craft onto a small rocky shore. Their lights shown on another cave, but this one was much smaller. They would not be able to get the craft into it.

Ray looked at Mike. "We better get our things and get into that cave, sir. Hopefully it will turn into another tunnel. I guess we have no choice but to keep going until we can't anymore."

Mike looked down at the screen. He saw now that the aliens had found the tunnel and were about five minutes away. He indicated that to Ray, who then ran over to check on Chief Archer while Mike gathered the backpacks and supplies.

The chief was no longer breathing. Ray checked his pulse. He was lifeless. The amount of blood he had lost was just way too much. Ray informed Mike.

"We've got to get out of here now," Mike said somberely but urgently, "those bastards are only about four minutes away!"

With that they both put on their pistol belts, suspenders, and backpacks and climbed out the hatch.

Ray looked back at the chief and gave him a salute.

Before Ray climbed out, he flipped a switch. A timer started ticking.

"We're going to leave them a little surprise," he told Mike.

"You pushed the self destruct button? he asked

"Yes sir," Ray replied.

They turned on their flashlights and raced into the cave.

A few minutes later all five alien craft had surfaced. The leader then taxied his fighter onto the small rocky shore. He got out of his fighter and proceeded to the ALS Craft.

He drew his weapon and carefully opened it's hatch.  By now the others had joined him.

Mike and Ray turned as they heard the massive expolsion and the sound of a loud avalanche.

Ray looked over to Mike and said  "At this point I would wager to say there is no turning back now, sir.


End of chapter 9

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