The Terrific Two

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Takeover

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



Chapter 5- The Takeover


Ray stood in the conning tower, his garrison cap on and binoculars to his eyes.

He looked around every now and then and saw floating dead sea creatures. The smell was highly repulsive.

The Seastar had reached the area in a matter of three days. It was the fastest vessel on the seas. It's surface speed was 50 knots, or almost 60 miles per hour. It's four nuclear propulsion style engines were the newest in modern tecnology, just as almost everything else on the submarine .Now it was circling the area much more slowly.

Ray watched as the ALS Craft came back and went below the surface about 75 feet away in order to get to it's hangar. Admiral Mike Newman and the executive officer had just returned from a meeting with the staff of the USS John F Kennedy. Ray opened the hatch and went back down to attend the meeing scheduled upon the admiral's return.

A few minutes later the dive alarm sounded and The Seastar slowly dissappeared underneath the waves.

The executive officer took the command seat while Chief Archer joined Ray to meet Admiral Newman in the conference room.

Once there, Cheif Archer switched on the screen which reflected sonar activity. After about five minutes of watching the screen they all looked at one another.

"Well sir this has me completely baffled. A whole fleet totally dissappearing like that? And what about all this heat and radiation?" Ray remarked to the admiral.

"I'm as completely in the dark as much as you are, Ray," the admiral replied,"but we better come up with something. The president is going to want answers. And pretty damn quick."

"Sir, if I may ask" Chief Archer said, "did anyone on board the JFK have any ideas?'"

"Not a thing" answered the admiral, "They have scoured over 400 square miles with their sub hunter copters and F 25's. Nothing but dead sea life."

Ray took another sip of his coffee and looked up again at the screen. The sonar could project thirty miles all around and three miles deep. Still, there was nothing


Dracos sat in his command chair and gave the order for his starships to take their strategic positions.

Swiftly all of them started manuevering to the areas assigned to them. They came into view at mulitple points all over the world.

In the meantime, the commanding officer on duty at NORAD dropped his cup of water as he saw what the radar had picked up. The starships were now so close they could not evade radar.

The commander gave the order for Andrews Air Base to scramble some F27's and check this new possible menace out.  Ten minutes later, the first one was circling the main starship, of which Dracos was aboard.

Dracos saw this on the screen. His eyebrows went down and his teeth gritted. He snarled a command to get rid of the jet, like a dog would get rid of a flea.

Three seconds later, a turret rose from the gargantuan ship's side and fired an energy beam, incinerating the jet. By this time, more were on the way, and their pilots saw what had happened.

They radioed NORAD for permission to engage, but the radio suddenly went dead. The jets, now without electrical power, crashed onto the streets of Washington below.


End of Chapter 5

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