The Terrific Two

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



Chapter 39-Epilogue

It was a brilliant funeral procession. King Tritonus, shrunk down to human size, Queen Lavonicus and her council of elders, and Mike and Ray followed the highly ornate casket carrying the body of Angelique.

Tritonus had been able to mystically transport the two US Navy officer's dress black uniforms, white hats, and new shoes to them. They carried their hats tucked under their left arms, observing navy protocol.

All watched as the casket was lowered. Ray glanced up and saw the great gods of the deep observing what was going on.

Some time later, Ray, Mike, King Tritonus, Queen Lavonicus, and the King and Queen, mother and father of Angelique, were still standing next to the grave. The casket had been buried. Tears steamed down the king's and queen's faces.

Ray, still looking at the grave, said "I'll never go through anything like this again. I'm going to toss my glove in the ocean when I get back."

The queen looked up, wiping her eyes. "You musn't, my brave one," she said  "for my daughter told me, after she had made love to you that night when I met her in the hallway, that she knew your's and your companion's destiny. Fate has given you great powers. And they are yours to battle the forces of evil and to defend the innocent. It is your fate, regardless if you choose to accept it or not."

"We all have heavy hearts and suffer great pain at this moment," the king added,, "but it will soften over time. Both of you are great warriors, and the Gods above have given you those powers, a terrific two that you are, for a purpose."

All eyes turned towards Mike and Ray, who just looked at one another. Looking into each other's eyes, they knew that what had  just been spoken to them, was true.


Wedding bells were ringing as Lilith and Lieutenant Kaufmann, in his dress blues and black tie, her in a lovely pearl white dress, ran down the steps of the church they were just married in, amongst a flurry of tossed rice.

A shiny black limo sped them away to the country club where they were having their reception.

A small time later at the reception, all the single women got in a group to try to catch the bouquet.

Lilith took a final sip of punch and started walking towards them. She suddenly caught a glimpse of something to her left. She turned her head.

Situated  a few yards back amongst the trees, was a figure in light whom she had no trouble recogninzing. It wore a beautiful smile.

Lilith smiled back, then tossed the figure the bouquet.


The End


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