The Terrific Two

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - SHOWDOWN

Submitted: May 05, 2017

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Submitted: May 05, 2017



Chapter 37- SHOWDOWN


President Truman, still imprisoned along with his family aboard Dracos' main starship, heard a voice enter into his mind. It was deep and powerful, yet kind and gentle.

He looked over to his family. From the expression on their faces, he could tell they were hearing this voice as well.

"Do not be afraid," it began, "I am Tritonus, son of Neptune and Emporer of New Atlantis. I know your situation and will render aid."

Tritonus then explained that through a debt he owed to two mighty warriors of the earth's race, exactly how he will accomplish his plans and what would be required of the world's forces to rid them of the evil empire which had taken control.

A few seconds later, the president and his family vanished. they then appeared in the secret basement oval office of The White House.

Truman rang for security and several shocked Secret Service agents came through the door.

The president directed his family be taken to a previously designated secret safe haven and that they contact the vice president, chief of staff, secretary of state. all joint chiefs of staff, secretary of defense, and head of Homeland Security and have them meet in the underground conference room as soon as possible. Then he proceeded to his small apartment in the underground complex to clean up and change clothes. He also ordered breakfast be brought to him.

"Sir!" the ranking agent began, 'How did you escape? Are all of you all right?

"Yes," Truman answered as he walked past him, "no time to go into a detailed explanation. Just get everybody in here on the double."

All over the world, at this very moment, presidents, rulers, and all other heads of state were doing the same. King Tritonus had entered their minds and communicated the same to them as he had President Truman.


Dracos shot up in bed. A bad feeling hit him like a lightening bolt. Heaving his breath, he looked around the room.

Total silence. Total darkness.

The horrific feelings of dread finally passed after about a minute. He had had them before and it normally meant trouble for him was brewing. He rose from his bed.

Dracos walked down the hall and past the guard outside of Lilith's room. Slowly he opened the door.

She was sitting up in bed looking forward. He caught a very fleeting glimpse of something that had a glow about it dissappear.

"What was that?" he asked her. 'What are you doing awake at this hour?"

"What was what, my lord?" she answered softly, "I was just going to relieve myself."

He watched her intently as she made her way to the bathroom. Her heart was racing. What had he seen? Had the spirit, who had come to warn her, as she did the young army lieutenant, vanished in time?

She sat on the toilet and breathed a sigh of relief as she heard the door close.


Eighteen earth hours later, Queen Lavonius, dressed in her armor, sat in her flagship craft along with Mike and Ray, the pilot, and copilot..They had just risen above the ocean's surface and were gaining altitude.

Tritonus was high above the earth, floating in space. His mental energy had completely blanketed everything. The aliens suspected nothing. 

The New Atlantean forces divided up. Hundreds of flying battle craft and troop carriers went in all different directions.

Not long after the bavarian castle came into sight. 


Dracos, fixing to go downstairs for breakfast, heard the sound of battle outside. He stepped to his window.

His eyes widened and his mouth flew open as he saw dozens of paratoopers landing in the fields next to his palace and engaging with the guards.

How did they make it this far without being detected?

Then he heard ramming and crashing noises. He hurried downstairs to see what was going on.

He saw through the window several tanks crashing over the fences and destroying the guard's crafts before they could take off.  Earthling infantry were right behind, overunning the guard force.

They broke down the main door and charged in, engaging with the palace guards. Dracos raised his hand and leveled them with an energy blast. Then he turned and smashed out a window and took to the sky. 

The situation in the air was even worse for him and his forces. Jets and helicopters were attacking his flagship. They were around it like hornets circling a hive, attacking with missles.

Not only that, but the ground forces were targeting his ship with dozens of surface to air missles as well. His mighty ship was now moslty in flames!

"Why wasn't the area power shut down?!" he thought to himself as he streaked towards his vessle. 

Some alien fighters had made it out of the ship and were engaging the earth fighters, but most were being destroyed right away as they came out. Helicopters,ground antiaircraft missles and guns were anihillating most of them.

Turrets had rose from his mother ship and were bringing down some of the fighters, but there were way too many to have much effect.

Suddenly, in mid air, Mike and Ray stopped and hovered, blocking Dracos' path.

"Who are your?!!" he exclaimed in a rage.

"We're your worst nightmare!" Mike answered

"Whoever your are, you are fools!!" Dracos bellowed  'Nothing nor anyone can defeat me in personal combat!! You are going to die!!' 

"Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, heap big ugly but small brain?!" Ray retorted


Lieutenant Kaufmann stood to the side of the door where he wouldn't be seen once the spirit opened it.

She managed to materialize enough to work the lock open. Kaufmann saw it and readied himself.

The guards were not watching any of the cells. They kept their eyes and weapons trained on the door at the top of the steps. There were sounds of fighting in the main entrance and other rooms on the first floor.

Kaufmann snuck up behind one and did a roundhouse kick, sending him flying through the air, losing his weapon.

The lieutenant picked it up and blasted him before he could get to his feet. The other guard turned and aimed his weapon at Kaufmann but the spirit blinded him for a second with intense light. Kaufmann then blasted him also.

The spirit then quickly guided him upstairs.


Mike blasted Dracos in the face as Ray soared like a missle and rammed him. Dracos grabbed him just as he made contact and they fell struggling, turning over and over in mid air.

When they hit the ground, Dracos was the first one up. He punched Ray, causing him to fly into a large tree, breaking it almost in half.

Mike blasted him again, but Dracos raised his wing, which took the brunt of it. The force still knocked him to the ground.

Dracos rose and hit Mike with reddish eye bolts, causing him to tumble backwards, head over heels.

Dracos flew at him like a missle. As Mike struggled to gain his stability, Dracos raised his hand to blast him with an energy beam, but Ray had regained his footing and was flying towards him. He threw up a wall of ice which took the brunt of the blast. 

Mike then got in Dracos' face, clasped his hands together and hit Dracos with all his strength.

Dracos went tumbling back. Ray got in his path and punched him in the stomach, causing him to bend over.

The alien beast looked up at Ray and roared in a loud rage.


Lilith was waiting in her room close to the door. She heard the man she loved battling his way up the stairs.

She opened the door to see a blinding light and blasts coming from behind it.

The helpful spirit was blinding the aliens as Kaufmann was taking them out.

One ran to the rail overlooking the downstairs entrance area and leaned around the light. Lilith saw he was getting a bead on the army officer.

His back was turned to her. Using her body as a weapon, she ran as fast as she could and rammed into the alien, causing him to fall over the railing. He plummeted to the floor, breaking his neck.

The guards lay dead in front of her.

The lieutenant, still in his uniform and cap but sporting a short beard due to his captivity, raced towards the woman he loved. They both fell into each others arms.

"We have not time to waste", the ghost said. 'You must get to the elevator! I will blind everyone in your path!"


Queen Lavonius' command craft hovered as the task force she had assembled landed inside Dracos' command ship. The first part of the special force, numbering one hundered, leaped out of the carrier. Most of the alien troops were on the ground engaging with earth's forces. Their losses had been heavy also because of their enemy's element of surprise.

The force separated and fanned out in wedge formations. The carrier then took off and another took it's place. Another hundred exited the craft and proceeded into the ship as well.

The queen had given them the mission to free any human prisoners and seek and destroy all alien elements.

After her force had invaded the ship, she landed her craft and let her guard contingent preceed her before, weapon drawn, she herself disembarked.

It wasn't long before the sound of skirnishes reached her ears.


Mike and Ray were now in close battle with Dracos on the ground amongst the rest of he melee.

All three were bleeding, wounded and burnt. Mike was laying about sixty feet away as he looked up and saw Dracos, boulder raised above his head, standing over Ray. His best friend appeard to be unconscious.Mike tried to get up to blast the boulder into pieces because he knew Ray would be a gonner if Dracos lowered the boom. The boulder was enormous.

But the monster saw Mike out of the corner of his eye and turned his head, firing eye bolts.

They hit the navy admiral like a couple of sledge hammers. He went backwards and down.

Suddenly the boulder exploded. Dracos looked around in time to see an enemy force coming his way. 

Lieutenant Kaufmann's commander, Captain Sawyer, had fired a Stinger missle, taking out the boulder.

A second later, a US XM1 tank fired a round, exploding on Dracos' chest.


His smoldering body lay about thirty feet from where it was.


Mike had recovered and flew to Ray. Army paramedics came also rushing over.

They turned Ray over and felt for a pulse. It was weak, but it was there.

Dracos' body didn't move. He was laying on his chest, head turned sideways. 

Weapons drawn, the tank going first, US troops slowly made their way towards him.

Dracos' eyes opened, but closed when the troops got about ten feet from him.

End of Chapter 37





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