The Terrific Two

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - The Gathering Might

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



Chapter 36- The Gathering Might


Lieutenant Kaufmann, sitting in the dark in his cell, heard a noise and looked up. Once again the spirit of the Bavarian duchess was in front of him. He stood.

"I must inform you there are forces of great power at work. Soon there will be war. You and Lilith will be in great danger."

Kaufmann just stood and nodded, not saying a word.

"At the appointed time," she continued, "I will come and help you get Lilith to safety. Be alert and ready."

Without another word, she vanished.


Dracos stood in Lilith's bedroom and mulled over her dozing countenance. She had cried herself to sleep.

He turned, walked out, and gently closed the door. She had not eaten since they returned yesterday.

The usurper of worlds determined that he should seek Balazar's advice once more.  He had reached a point with Lilith now that he was simply out of ideas on how to get her to be his empress and be happy.

He quietly strode through the hallway and stepped onto a veranda. It was a beautiful day. The air was blue and fresh and birds were singing. How he wished he had someone to enjoy it with.

"Should I just set her free?" he thought to himself, "this situation is just like having a beautiful bird with a wonderful singing voice, but all she does is slump and not make a sound."

He turned and proceeded to his throneroom.


Mike, Ray, and Tiberious stood in front of King Tritonus after they exited the portal. There were cheers and applause. Queen Lavonius ran to them and hugged each in turn.

Tiberious kneeled. So did Mike and Ray.

"Arise my gallant ones," Tritonus said, "your heroic deeds have saved our kingdom. We are in great debt to you, especially to  the outworlders who courageously fought and sacrificed so much for us. You must now obtain food and rest, for tomorrow early we will meet and decide how we will defeat the evil ones who have taken over the surface world."

With that, the three were escorted to a table where a delicious meal had been prepared for them.

There was little talk. Mike and Ray finished eating and were taken to their quarters. After showering, they went to their beds and were soon fast asleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, the royal council, the sorcerrers, the queen, and her commanding generals met in Tritonus' throneroom. Ray and Mike noticed how energetic and vibrant the New Atlanteans now were.

The commander of their forces was the first to speak. He had set up a map of the surface world and had marks all over it. He pointed to them as he spoke, mainly addressing Tritonus.

"All of these points represent where the alien craft are. The forces of the surface dwellers have been able to do nothing as there is a worldly net of force that these ships can generate to shut down their electrical power.'

'The tyrant who commands these forces has taken up residence here, ' the commander, Lord Marcus, said, pointing to the location of the Bavarian castle.

'We have learned a great deal of him and his forces,' he continued, ' There are thousands of them and they have very formidable weaponry and such.Their leader, who is known as Dracos, is of himself a being of great strength and power. He alone will present a sizeable challenge. Defeating him and this vast armada is something we cannot do alone.'

There was about another half hour of discussion. Then Tritonus stood, stretched out his arms and bent his head. All became silent. A few minutes later, the king raised his head and addressed everyone.

"I was able to single out this Dracos and enter his mind, " he said. 'He plans to shut down the earth's power for three days and to destroy a large city as retribution for an event that affronted him. We must attack tomorrow. '

All in the room looked at one another. Tritonus looked at the queen and the commanders.

"You must develop a plan of attack today. I will enter the minds of all the necessary surface dwellers and inform them of our plans so they can join us at the appointed time. Forthwith, I will create an illusion in all the minds of the alien invaders showing that nothing is developing. They will know of no preparadness or troop movement until it is too late. Furthermore, I will eradicate their abiltiy to render anything powerless. This will take all the power I can generate. I will try to assist in the acutal battles, but I can make no promises. Ours and the surface dweller forces, together with the element of surprise, will have to be the main element in defeating them.

Tritonus directed his gaze at Mike and Ray.

"Your primary task will be to seek out and destroy this Dracos. And you must do it quickly as I sensed, when I entered his mind, that he has more power than we know of."


End of Chapter 36.



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