The Terrific Two

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Darkest Before Dawn

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



Chapter 35-Darkest Before Dawn


Ray choked back the tears as the cover was put over Angelique's body. Her father and the physicians did their best to save her, but the injuries were too great. The beam fired from the enemy's cannon proved to be too much; it had the power to annihilate a modern US XM2 tank.

The tears flowed from the king and queen. They held each other's hand tightly as they stood next to the gurney that had their daughter's corpse. Mike could see how upset Ray was and automatically knew she had been close to him. He firmly but gently put his hand on Ray's shoulder in consolation.

Angelique was a heroine. She had given her life in battling against Olivius' forces of evil. 

A monument would be erected for her and a day of the Pleadian year would be chosen to honor her, as well as the others who gave their lives in the battle.

Ray had planned on returning to her world and being with her. But that was a thing of the past now. At this moment, he had to ready himself for the tasks facing him and Mike.

They both knew their world had to be in dire straights. It was home to alien conquererors now and there was no telling what kind of shape it was in and what was happening to it's people.

The pair also knew they must approach King Octavius and ask him if there were some way his scientists could send them back to New Atlantis. But now was not the time. The ruler and his wife were in each other's arms, weeping. Mike and Ray just stood in silence, looking down.

Suddenly they heard a noise. All in the room looked up at the ceiling to see a portal starting to take shape.

King Tritonus then appeared. The jewel was back in his headband!

Ray, Mike, and Tiberius felt themselves being gently lifted and then moved into the portal.



Dracos lay in his bed and stared at the ceiling. He was recovering from his king size hangover

They only thing he could remember was how he continued to throw things through the window where they were having the UN gala event and attempts were made to stop him.

The attempts had all failed, except for Lilith who was finally able to quell his drunken rampage.

Dracos recalled how the bullets had stung. How dare they do this! He should have been allowed to do as he pleased!

They would pay. Yes indeed they would pay.

He had also vaguely recalled how he had blasted his advesaries and threw a lot of them through the window as well.

Gathering more champagne, he and his entourage left not long after his confrontations. Lilith wept and followed.

When they finally arrived back at the palace, he had forced himself on his queen, depite her screams and cries.

It didn't matter; he was the ruler of this world and he would get what he wanted. Nobody was going to stand in his way!

After a short while, he rose, got dressed, and proceeded downstairs to have breakfast.

The news was on one of the TV's and last night's events were being talked about. There were some who had been killed from things that he had thrown to the street below.

Balazar came in to join him. Dracos glanced up as the elder being sat down.

"My lord," Balazar began, " I mean no disresepct, but what happened last night was not good for anyone. It will just promote more feelings of ill will against us." 

The mad alien emporer was silent for a moment, just chewing his food. He swallowed and then quietly said "I do not care. In my opinion we have been too lenient. I am their ruler and they dare attack me?"

"Your excellency, they were greatly frightened. Forgive me for saying, but you must attempt to put yourself in their place for a moment. You were wrecking their event and throwing some to their death," Balazar responded.

"They should not have tried to interfere," Dracos said, "and I am not finished with them. We will demonstrate our power once again. Contact Lord Kronos and have him meet me in my throne room."

A short while later found Kronos standing in front of Dracos who was seated on his throne.

"Shut down their power for three of their earth days. Additionally, choose a major city to annihilate," the mad emporer said. 'And before you do,' he continued, 'arrange for me to speak to their planet. I want them to understand, without a doubt, why they are going to pay for the outrage.'



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