The Terrific Two

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - The Rise of Hoth

Submitted: April 04, 2017

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Submitted: April 04, 2017



Chapter 33- The Rise of Hoth


When King Octavius woke from his usual sleep, he started his routine to get ready for the day. The queen always got up about an hour after he did.

He was walking to his wardrobe when Hoth entered his mind. Hoth was the leader of the gods who watched over them, and many other places in other dimensions.

This enormous being of power, might,and wisdom relayed to the king everything he found  while probing Ray's mind. After conferencing with other dieties, the decision was made to intervene.  The fact that Olivius' evildoings had affected three worlds, hers, Ray's, and New Atlantis, was the deciding factor. Her power had grown too strong. 

Hoth and the rest had also seen how her power and evil would spread into other dimensions in the future if left unchecked. They also knew that the future could be altered.

Their plan was relayed into the King's mind. They were to gather their legions and attack as soon as they were ready. Hoth and the others would, among other things, open the dimensional portal to Oilvius' world,

The mighty one also revealed who would lead the attack.


A grand ballroom had been added to the UN building some years ago. The enormity of it proved to be enough to accommodate the two hundred plus guests.

Classic piano music filled the air of this black tie occasion. It had started at seven PM and the view from it's tenth floor contributed to it's ambience. Dinner was scheduled to be served around seven thirty.

Clothing of all style was worn as guests consisted of dignitaries from all over the world.

Dracos and his entourage, including Lilith, had no trouble crashing the affair.  The wide eyed security knew better than to try and stop them.

All fell silent as they stood looking over the massive room. Lilith looked down as Dracos maintained a wry smile.

Dracos wore a formal military style outfit with gold epaulettes.  It was navy blue with maroon colored trimming. Lilith wore a beautiful emerald green evening gown with a large diamond necklace, and a broach with rubies and sapphires on it's gold base.

There were many gasps as the guests parted for Dracos and Lilith as they observed Lilith's bare bottom protruding from the back of her gown. Lilith lowered her head in horrible embarrassment.

Dracos stopped and turned. "What are you staring at?!" he yelled. Everyone turned away.

The mad tyrant took a glass of champagne and gulped it. Afterwards he asked the server where he could get a bottle. The server showed him.

He tore off the cork and started chugging. About fifteen minutes later found him staggering around the ballroom floor.

The piano player was playing a light lively Motzart concerto piece. It started to get on Dracos' nerves.

He walked over to the player, picked up the bench with him still in it, and threw it through the window. The loud crash brought a multitude of screams and gasps.

Dracos then picked the piano up and heaved it through the remains of the same window.


Olivius had wore herself out trying to find the two escapees. She had been at it for several days with no result. Her royal wizards had not faired any better.

What Olivius did not realize was that at one time she was very close to achieving her goal, but Hoth had disrupted it.

She climbed into her pajamas and glanced over at Mike, who was fast asleep The royal physicians had given him a heavy sedative.

The mad queen had heard what happened. The physicians were somewhat confounded, but she wasn't. She knew exactly what had happened. She had felt it.

She planned to strengthen her hold on Mike after her rest. Right now she was way too exahausted. A deep sleep came upon her just a few minutes after she lay down.

An alarm sounded and she sat straight up. There was running and shouting in the hallway.

There was an urgent knock at the door.  "Come in," she responded. It was the captain of the palace guard.

"Your majesty! Your majesty! We are under attack!"

Olivius rose and looked out her window.

There was a huge open portal in the sky. Hundreds of flying human like beings with weapons were coming through. They appeared to have some kind of propulsion device on their backs. Dozens of craft, carrying what she assumed to be troops, fixed with large weaponry were also joining the fray.

Then she saw the two that she had been after appear in the sky.

Her army and palace defenses rallyed and the great battle started. She ran across the room and grabed the scepter which had Neptune's Jewel on it's top. A few seconds later she had taken to the air.

Suddenly she stopped in mid flight and froze, her eyes locked on someone.

"Father...." she gasped


End of Chapter 33


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