The Terrific Two

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - The Tide Begins to Turn

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



Author's note:

To my faithful who have stayed with me- Thank you so much. And don't dispair! The big baddies are going to get a pretty serious can of whoopass opened on them a lot sooner than they would like!

And after this, look for my next work "Terrific Two II-Rise of the Fearful Four" Don't miss it!

And now:

Chapter 32- The Tide Begins to Turn


Ray had showered, shaved and had been fed a delicious meal. He wasn't sure what he had eaten or if it would agree with his system one hundred per cent, but he had been hungry enough to eat a raw polar bear. Alive, no less. His uniform had also been cleaned. It, as well as his shoes, had also been repaired from all the damage inflicted on them.

He sat on the edge of his bed and looked out the window into a teaming metropolis surrounded by a pitch black world. He dreamed of his home and his relatives.

Mike and he were both bachelors. Navy life and marriage never mixed very well.

Angelique had told her father, King Octavious, and her mother Queen Evonius, how Ray had spared her in the arena on the other world as they shared a meal. Ray sat next to the beautiful queen, who gently squeezed his hand and smiled at him after hearing the tale.

They had sat in a large ornate dining room surrounded by servants. The table had to be at least fifty feet long. Overhead hung a gorgeous chandelier with multicolored gems.

The beings Ray now found himself amoung had very light skin. Their eyes sparkled like diamonds and their hair was white. Their voices were light and whispery.

All at the table had listened as Ray explained how he wound up in the world Angelique had rescued him from. It took a while to cover everything ; the others had just remained silent and listened carefully. After Ray had finished, the silence continued, whereupon he excused himself to go up to his room. When he stood, the others did also and smiled warmly at him.

Ray suddenly heard a knock at the door. He bade the knocker to come in, who turned out to be Angelique.

She sat down next to him and put her hand over his.


Olivius was furious as she learned of her head wizard's demise. The mad queen sent out a broadcast mind message for the rest of the sorcerrers to meet her in the mystic room at once.

"I want them found!" she exclaimed, "I don't care how long it takes or what you have to do! Just find them!"

She stormed out of the room and went to her bedroom. Mike was not there.

Olivius filled her cauldron with hot water and started throwing in the ingredients. Soon the vapors took her to the state where she had to be to transverse the cosmos and other dimensions.

Mike, in the meantime, wandered the gardens in the back of the palace. There were a great variety of flowers, bushes, and plants. A gardner raised his head and waved and Mike smiled and waved back.

Suddenly he grew dizzy and it seemed the ground beneath him was swaying. He fell down and rolled around. The gardner ran to him.

The spirit of the glove was making a supremely intense effort to force out whatever was in control of Mike's mind.

The gardner could get no response from him so he sprinted to the palace to get help.


"I know what your mind is on, my friend," Angelique started, "and once again I must emphasize that I understand you plight, but you have done everything and more that you can to accomplish your goal.You must realize it was an impossible task, and you have chosen the wisest course for yourself."

The naval officer just hung his head for a moment and then looked into her eyes.

"I have never walked away from a mission. I have been trained to accomplish it or give my life trying," he said

"That may be true," Angelique replied, "but look around you now. You're safe and in a place where you will always be taken care of."

Ray looked down again, but the sorceress took his chin in her hand and raised it.

"And you will always have me, my darling," she said and then kissed him deeply.


The sex they had was absolutely like nothing Ray had ever experienced. She took him to the stars, and it lasted a long time. It was like Angelique passed on to him a power to make it last.

When it was over, Ray fell fast asleep. The princess then quietly rose, got dressed, and left the room.

In the hallway she found her mother; they then looked at one another.


Ray woke after several hours. It was dark in the bedroom. 

He felt a presence enter his mind, directing him to open the drapes.

Upon doing so he was met with a sight of which he had never experienced the like of.

Even though it must have been more than a mile away, one of the titanic whale creatures he had seen was right next to the city's huge glass dome.

It had to be at least a hundred times bigger than any whale he ever remembered. It could easily destroy the city with a wave of it's tale.

The eyes in the wisened human face were looking directly at Ray, who, somewhat mesmerised, just stared back

The presence in his mind felt warm and comforting. Suddenly it asked (in a mix of thought and words) "What troubles you?"

Ray hesitated as this was somewhat of a shock. Then he felt it go deeper into his mind, knowing that this entity was reviewing his memories going back several months. In some instances, Ray felt a mental like eyebrow being lifted at some of the more violent, stressful, and challenging situations.

During this time he felt as if he were floating on a cloud in total silence. Suddenly it was over and he snapped back into reality, just in time to see the behemoth creature turn and move back into darkness.


End of Chapter 32



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