The Terrific Two

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - ESCAPE!

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Chapter 30-ESCAPE!


It had been the hardest thing Ray had ever done in his life to agree to leave Mike behind. But by all logic concerning the situation, this had been he best way. The only thing  Ray was worried about was that Olivius, being the psycho she was, may grow tired of him some day.

But there was nothing he could do about that.

An instant after the exploision took place, while everyone was distracted, he turned and blasted Olivius and Thaddeus, who was sitting right next to her in the face, knocking them backwards. He turned an instant later and saw a red blur emerge from the rubble. It was time!

With all the power he could muster Ray sped towards the main entrance, Angelique behind him, and smashed through the gate. The guards fired their weapons but missed as the two had so much speed and were gone in a second.

Knowing it would probably take psycho bitch a little while to recover, Ray an Angelique streaked across the countryside.

Angelique, who had much greater vision than Ray, saw a small abandoned castle way up ahead. She sped past Ray and signalled him to follow her. About five minutes later they had broken down the main door of the place. They walked into the main foyer and Ray shined his glove generated spotlight all around.

It was very obvious there was no inhabitants there as it was very dusty and dark. The pair stood for a moment, gathering their breath.

Ray shined his light in a corner and saw a door. He walked over and opened it, seeing that there were steps leading downward. Ray told Angelique to follow him as he started downwards.

The steps went down deep. Finally they stopped at another door, of which Ray opened.

The room appeared to be some sort of suppy place and wine cellar. They both sat down on the floor.

"I'm going to rest for just a short time," Angelique said, "and then I will try opening the interdimensional portal, whereupon I will send out a distress orb. I will need to hold your gloved hand and use it's power as I'm sure just my power will not be enough. I will have to do these things all at once, including generating an obscurity cloak so Olivius won't be able to locate us, at least for a short time."

"Granted," Ray said.


Olivius stood up and shook her head. It had been a long time since she felt something like that, being taken completely off guard. The blast felt like a kick from a mule.

She saw Thaddues still rolling around on the floor.

"Get up, you oaf!" she shouted, " and gather your wizards and go after them! I want them captured alive! And don't you dare retun without them !!"

"Yes your majesty," Leo replied as he slowly got up. He then ran to an exit.

About five minutes later, his team was in the air. They spilt up into groups of two and went in different directions.

I the meantime Olivius had made it back to her mystic room. She commanded the spirit of her crystal ball to start the search.


Ray and Angelique kneeled next to each other, Angelique had hold of Ray's gloved hand, with her other hand extended upward. Her head was bowed in heavy concentration.

Suddenly she she looked up. "The witch has recoverd and is using her crytal ball! We have to get out of her in just a few minutes! That is all the time we have!"

Ray lowered his head and prayed. Then he looked up just in time to see a hole opening in the air, forming into a tunnel of multi colored light. Then a light red orb flew into it from Angelique's hand.

Time was passing. Ray felt the spirit of the glove straining to give all the power it could muster to Angelique.

Seconds seemed like hours. The tunnel was turning and turning, like a cement mixer. Ray said another prayer.

Just then the door to the chamber was bown off. Thaddeus came in followed by another.

Her had still closd around Ray's, the alien sorceress flew into the tunnel.

They were now in the interdimensional void. She turned to will the tunnel to close, but not before Thaddeus had managed to get in.

Thaddeus raised his hand and let loose a blast. Ray ducked but it hit Angelique. She screamed and went backwards.

Ray flew like a bullet towards Thaddeus, ramming him. The ugly wizard flew a good fifty feet. The multi colored tunnel still continued to turn, generating a great sound of what resemembled many winds blowing.

Thaddeus recovered and looked up just in time to see Ray's fist flying towards his face. He spun around and around after the blow landed.

"I'm gonna beat you like a red headed bastard stepchild !!" Ray shouted. Thaddeus raised his hand and fired a blast which went wild. Ray kicked him in the balls, causing him to bend into a fetus position.

"HURRY!" Angelique shouted, "my cloaking spell is gone and Olivius can still find us!"

Ray flew back a little ways from his advesary and hit him with his heat beam. Thaddeus' body erupted into flame. The evil sorcerer screamed like nothing Ray had ever heard in his whole life.

He felt Angelique take his hand. They then flew as fast as they could to catch up with the orb.


End of Chapter 30.


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