The Terrific Two

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Usurper

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



Chapt 3- The Usurper


Ray gave the command to Farragut to surface and take a closer lap around the area.

Once again they circled the area, only closer to the surface this time. That was when Ray saw it. A very large dead blue whale. Then he noticed a lot more marine life floating. He surmised that the heat and radiation had killed them.

"I think we have enough readings and videos. Let's head back to the Seastar," Ray told Farragut. A few seconds later they were about 35,000 feet up, cruising back to their destination.


Dracos stood staring at the huge screen on the bridge of his main starship. He had observed the ALS Craft completing it's mission.

A tall humanoid figure approached him. It saluted with an arm across it's chest and a bow.

"I am ready to brief you of our findings, my lord," he said.

"Very well", answered Dracos, "I will go to the briefing room. Advise Lord Kronos to join us."

"Yes my lord," answered the alien. Dracos departed.

Dracos was the illegitamate son of an alien on a world called Pleades. A large invading force had raided the planet and the queen, Dracos' mother, had been raped by the commander of that force some 35 years ago.

As Dracos grew into adulthood, he showed violent tendencies. The Pleadean race were a peaceful sort. After the invading force left, the royal family had decided they should keep the baby and raise it as best they could.

Dracos was now seven foot six inches tall, and weighed over 500 pounds. He had purple skin and red eyes along with wings that had a twelve foot wingspan.He also had the strength of over a thousand human men. Along with this, he had the ability to fire energy beams out of his hands and eyes.

Dracos had made an attempt to overthrow the Pleadean government. The prince (the king had beeen killed in the invasion) learned of his treachery through appointed spies. Dracos was subdued and banished from the planet.

Almost starved to death, Dracos was found by space pirates. After some weeks of slavery, he challenged the space pirate leader to bodily combat. The leader, not wanting to appear cowardly, accepted the challenge.

The leader did not know of Dracos' power. He was stomped into the the floor of the main pirate starship arena in a few seconds flat.

Dracos convinced the leadership council that he could very effectively be their new leader. The position was then his.

Their massive force had conquered worlds and had all they needed for a long time to come. They were now looking for a place to rest or establish a home.

The beautiful blue planet Earth caught Dracos' attention. His plans now were to conquer and enslave it's inhabitants.

He and his subordinates sat down in their conference room and the screen in front was turned on. Pictures of Earth and it's land and cities came into view.


Mike was silent, and just stared at The Scorpion. Suddenly, the large fierce looking man standing next to him reached down and grabbed the hand that was on the bomb's switch. He brought it up and squeezed it so hard that Mike heard the bones crushing. The Scorpion screamed and brought up a submachinegun in his left hand.

He sprayed bullets at the large man, who dropped his hand after he was hit. Mike and the team leader hit the floor and reurned fire at the terrorist.

But The Scorpion wore a kevlar vest.

There was an open window right in back of him. He leapt out and Mike followed.

The SEAL leader radioed for his force to commence with the invasion. He then ran over and knelt down next to the fallen giant.

"Mortemer Pinkerton of Brithsh MI 6 at your service, suh," he weakly said , with a distinct British accent.


End of chapter 3

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