The Terrific Two

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Rise from the Dust

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



Chapter 29- Rise from the Dust


Queen Lavonicus sat in the throneroom of Tritonus and occasionally looked up at him. Tears were streaming down her face.

She could see no hope. The two she had sent on their gallant mission had to now be doomed. One a mental slave to the black hearted Olivius and the other who probably would not survive one more week.

She got up and wandered over to the statue of Neptune.

Her eyes took in his handsome and noble features and countenance of wisdom and strength. If only there was some way to reach him. But he had journeyed to the stars centuries ago to follow his destiny which was probably laid for him at the beginning of time.

The weary queen went back to her throne and sat down. She had gotten very little sleep in the past few days. It was now in the middle of her kingdom's slumber time. She was all alone.

She lowered her head and prayed.


Dracos had Lieutenant Kaufmann escorted to a private room in the servant's quarters. He was under twentyfour hour guard. There he would remain until the alien emporer decided what to do with him.

The world conqueror felt stymied. He did not want to appear weak, but the love of Lilith was something he desired more than anything that existed. He was, however, growing weary of her rebuffing attitude towards him.

HE was in command! Not her! And he intended to reinforce that fact very soon.

Dracos had grown tired of being in one place. This planet Earth offerred things of great beauty and interest. He would tell his staff to make preparations for a round the world tour. His intention was to go on this excursion in the next six or seven earth days.

Lilith would accompany him. Balazar would rule while he was away.

At the same time he would exert more control over his empress. Just to ensure she understands who is master of this relationship, she would have to be naked while she with him.  Or wear outfits only he would approve.


Ray once again stood in the arena and faced another otherworldy and brutal advesary.

This particular beast appeared to be at least twenty feet tall. It looked to be some kind of cross between a dragon and an ape. It was hairy and had wings, along with a single eye. Another roar erupted from it. Then it rared back it's head and blew a stream of flame from it's mouth.

Ray was definitely not expecting this. He barely dodged in time, thanking God that the gloves also gave him superhuman reflexes. Otherwise he would have been a crispy critter.

He rolled and then rose to a kneeling position, raising his hand to let loose an energy blast. The beast had quick reflexes as well. It folded it's wings in front of it and let them take the brunt of the blast, but the force still knocked it backwards. It fell flat on it's back, but recovered immediately, got to it's feet, and raced towards Ray as it let out another roar. It moved with great speed.

Ray rose in the air and covered the ground in front of him with ice. The creature slipped and slid as it tried to get to it's feet.

Ray flew like a missle towards his opponent.  He slammed both fists into the creatures head, knocking it unconscious. The crowd cheered.

Again there were chants to finish his advesary, but Ray just walked back towards the doors to the catacombs. He refused to kill the creature. The crowd started to boo.

The head of the guard walked over and stood in front of him. He shouted at him to finish the job, but Ray slugged him, knocking him to the ground. He lay there unconscious.

The blasts came again, slamming Ray against the doors. He tried to stand but was blasted again. He was then picked up and taken down to his cell.

Angelique's cell was located to where she could see what was going on. 

"Are you all right?" she telepathically asked.

"No, but I'll live," he answered

Angelique had read his mind. She knew why he was in this world.

"That queen sent you on a fool's errand. You don't have a chance of accomplishing what you came here for. Your are going up against too much power," Angelique relayed to him.

Ray just sat there in silence and listened to the crowd noise as another bout was taking place.

"I have a plan," she relayed, "I don't know if it will work, but we're both probably going to die very shortly anyway if we stay here."

"I'm listening," the battered hero replied.

"I will fake death and the guards should enter my cell when they see me lying and not moving.  Beings of my race can turn their body temperatures way down to make it seem like we are dead. I will strike them with lightening when they do not expect it. Then I will blast a hole in this wall. This will take place during your next bout. It will serve as a diversion. Since we can both fly at great speeds we can force our way through the gate at the main entrance and fly to a hiding place. With my powers, I can make it hard for them to locate us for a short while. During this time, I will send out an interdimensional distress signal. The ones on my world have the technology to pinpoint this signal and send help to us. The odds are against it, but I don't want to die here. And I'm sure you don't either."

Ray thought about Mike.

"I am more sorry than I can be, but it is too late for your friend.You must think of yourself now. I don't think Olivius will kill him as I breifly entered her mind a while ago. She is in love with him."

"Let me rest on it. Touch my mind in the morning," relayed Ray. Then he laid down and thought for a while. Soon he was in a deep slumber.


The morning came and the trumpets sounded. Ray was rousted and escorted to the arena.

Anglique entered his mind. "Let's go for it," Ray communicated.

He now faced some sort of insect type creature, manlike in form  It had a large tail similar to a scorpion's

Then it happened. Angelique proved good to her word. The wall on the other side of the arena was blasted open causing a powerful explosion.


End of Chapter 29.





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