The Terrific Two

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Angelique

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017




Chapter 28- Angelique

Lieutenant Kaufmann stood about ten feet in front of Dracos. Lilith was seated on her throne next to him.

The lieutenant looked directly into Dracos' eyes. Kaufmann's gaze was stern and fearless. Dracos returned the stare with a wry grin on his face. Lilith just looked down, her eyes welling with tears.

"Well," said Dracos,"it appears we have a small upstart here, even bordering on insolence. What do you think I should do to you? Or more appropriate, I ask do you have any idea what I CAN do to you?"

Kaufmann said nothing. He just stood as erect as he could with his arms folded behind his back. He had not removed his cap.

"On your knees before me, dog. I am your emporer" Dracos said.

Kaufmann made no move. A guard came up behind him and hit him in back of his head with his weapon stock. The army officer slowly got to his knees.The guard knocked his cap off.

Dracos rose from his throne and looked down into Kaufmann's eyes. Their eyes were only about eight inches apart.

"I asked you a question, you animal dungheap. I expect an answer," Dracos snarled.

Kaufmann again just returned the gaze, not saying anything.



Ray just stood in the arena by the large door which led back into the collesium's catacombs. He made no move towards his advesary. The crowd still chanted for him to kill her.

The guards stepped into the arena once again and walked towards him. They then stood in front of him and raised their weapons, pointing them at his head.

Ray, standing with his arms folded, turned his head and spit. He still made no move towards his unconscious opponent.

"If you shoot I'll blast your ass off while I'm going down," he said to the guard leader.

The leader then looked towards the queen, who gestured him to let Ray go back inside. The door was raised and Ray started to walk. He turned as he was going and saw his opponent had regained consciousness and was being helped to her feet. Their eyes met for just an instant. He saw gratefulness in them.  

Her eyes sparkled like diamonds and she smiled.

Ray was led back to his cell. He collapsed on the floor, drained and hurting.  The sounds of fighting and the crowd cheering continued. He eventually fell asleep.


It was nightime. Mike lay in bed and stared at the ceiling.

His mind had been taken over and was presently comtrolled by this creature he was with. He had no recollection of exactly who he was or how he got to this land. All he knew was that he was under some powerful control and had a light metallic glove on his left hand that he could not remove.

A few times some sort of presence tried to enter his mind, and he felt like the glove had something to do with it. But each time it did, it was driven out by the stronger force.

He looked around at the ornate room, seeing a lot of small statuettes. Some of things he did not recognize. 

"Somenting troubling you, my love?" the female creature asked, standing there in just a silken (or what appeared to be silken) red top. 

He didn't even know her name or exactly what she was. Furthermore, whenever he started to ask a question, this intrusive force in his mind stiffled him from doing it, so he had given up some time ago.

"No," Mike replied, knowing anything else might lead to trouble not worth dealing with.

The creature pulled his pajama bottoms down and grabbed his limp member. He saw a slight flash of some sort of pinkish light in her eyes and he suddenly had a throbbing stiff organ and the drive of a March hare. 

She straddled him, but he immediately and forcefully turned her over and started thrusting. She cried in delight. He forgot all about everything else.


Ray was woken up by something entering his mind as well. It had a light whispery tone.

"I am Angelique," it said "the one you went up against in the arena. Thank you so much for sparing me. Although, at this point, I'm not sure if I would have cared that much if you hadn't."

Ray wasn't sure exactly how to respond, but just said "OK" anyway.

"I detect you are from the planet Earth in your dimension," she continued, "and that you have been sent here on a mission. You have great powers, and so does your partner. However, I do as well and I have been here for four of your world's months. I have made numerous efforts to escape, but it has proved impossible. Basically, I have just given up."

"How did you get here?" Ray asked.

"Where I am from, there is a great diversity of beings. Some have great powers, some do not. However, we are all at peace and we have thrived and prospered and have been content for centuries. Like your race, we were not at peace for a long time.  However, we evolved and learned from our ways. We have great cities and oceans, and even cities on and below these oceans."

"Has there been any attempts by your race to rescue you?" Ray quireyed. 

"None that I am aware of. I would be surprised if there hasn't been any sort of a search, though. I was in flight to my home when some sort of tunnel opened in the sky and a being in some sort of mechanical armor took me. All I can remember about him was that he had a horrible grin and madness in his eyes. I was paralyzed and the next thing I knew I was dropped into a chamber. I have no doubt that I could use my powers to knock down these walls and fly, but there are so many guards with weapons here.'

"And then there is that unseen dome over us on top of that," Ray added. 

There was silence for a moment between the two.

"Well," Ray said, "two heads are better than one. Maybe we can come up with an idea or two between the two of us. I'm not sure how many more rounds I can  go with whatever I still have to face, though."

"As you know, I am in the same situation. That is why we must come up with something very soon," Angelique responded.

They lapsed into silence again.

A short while later morning came and the captors brought in breakfast. Ray just took a few bites.

Suddenly there was a tremendous roar from the arena. Ray thought it sounded like the giant ape he had seen in a movie when he was a child.

The guards came to his gate and opened it. They had smirks on their faces.

"You're up now" one of them said.


End of Chapter 28 




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