The Terrific Two

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - The Darkest Hour

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



Chapter 27- The Darkest Hour


The cyborg behemoth placed it's foot upon Ray's head, who had tried to get up but nothing doing. The crowd was chanting for his death.

Ray's head felt like it was in a vice, slowly being crushed. This thing was as strong as a dozen bulls, he thought to himself.

He positioned his gloved hand right underneath the thing's groin and let loose a blast.

The giant howled in a deep voice. It took it's foot off Ray's head and started hobbling around, still howling.

The naval officer took this opportunity to take flight. He got about sixty feet in the air above the collesium and ran into some sort of invisible dome. He then floated for a minute, clearing his head.

But he didn't have long. His enemy had recovered also and Ray was barely able to dodge as it soared towards him like a missle.

"Well, looks like big, dark and ugly can fly too," Ray thought to himself, "ain't that the shits!"

A red beam fired out of the cyborg's robotic eye, blasting Ray in the chest. It felt like being kicked by a mule with a burning hoof. He went end over end and started plummeting to the ground, his opponent flying after him.

Ray gained control and, timing it perfectly,  shot back up into the air when he was about four feet from the ground. 

Mister Cyborg wasn't very lucky with this new development. He crashed head first and lay very still. The crowd was going wild at this point.

Ray stayed in the air about thirty feet off the ground, waitng for the right moment.

Right when his opponent stood up and looked at him, Ray fired a heat beam into it's eye. The thing's head exploded and it fell to the ground like a bag of potatoes.

The crowd cheered. Ray just looked around. 

He landed next to his conquest. Then he picked it up and threw it into the crowd.  A multitude of screams erupted.


The two M.P.'s stood in front of Dracos.  The mad alien eyed them for a moment and then stepped off his throne. Lilith had been escorted to her room.

Dracos picked one of them up by the throat and looked him in the eye.

"Where is the one responsible for this outrage?" he snarled.

His newfound quarry did not answer.

Dracos threw him against the wall and blasted him with an energy beam. Nothing was left of him but his helmet. Dracos then fixed his gaze on the other who was looking down and trembling.

"Listen to me, little man," Dracos began, "you go back to your place of duty and tell your superiors I better have the one responsible in front of me within two of your earth hours or I will decimate your base and the town surrounding it. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes sir," the MP answered. Then he ran to his Jeep as if all of hell's demons were after him.

A short while later, he was standing in the battalion commander's office. Captain Sawyer was also present.

"It's clear what we have to do, Frank," Colonel Armstrong, the battalion commander said to Captain Sawyer. He was in front of his desk, leaning back on it, arms crossed. 'They have their foot on our necks and there's not a damn thing we can do about it.'

"Yes sir," Captain Sawyer replied, "Lieutenant Kaufmann is at the motor pool presently. I'll call up there and have him sent down."

The captain just stood there for a moment looking down, gritting his teeth.". Colonel Armstrong put a hand on his shoulder.

"I hate the whole thing as much as you do, Frank. But as I mentioned earlier, we have no choice. As you are aware, they even have our president and his family in captivity. I believe only God can help us now."


Several blasts came forth from the places where the guards were posted. They all hit Ray who was driven to his knees. A final shot laid him out on his back.

Several guards, plus their commander came out and stood above him.. The commander kicked him in the side. Ray clothes were smouldering.

"Get on your feet, scum," the leader said. Ray obeyed and stood up, barely keeping his balance.

The leader looked in Ray's eyes and said with an ugly grin "We can't dissapoint our audience,,can we ? Some came from very far away. And you put on a wonderful performance. So get ready!"

The gate was raised again and out floated what appeared to be a woman. She wore a red gown and gave off a reddish hue. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds as did her hair.

Ray took his battle stance, feet apart, arms raised, his gloved hand rolled into a fist.

His new advesary just floated, looking at him. She, or it, was about fifty feet away.

Suddenly she was blasted in the back. She screamed and then took flight. Ray watched her very closely

This new creature dove down and hovered about fifty feet up from where Ray was standing. She raised her arms and some kind of cyclones, seemingly coming from her arms, formed and flew straight towards Ray. They came so fast he couldn't evade them.

Ray was thrown around all over the arena. He slammed into a wall and the crowd cheered. The woman looked around at the crowd, sneering.

The new opponent raised her arms and her eyes gave off a bright glow. She was beautiful, in her own sort of way.

Lightening then struck Ray, causing him to violently shake. He collapsed to the ground, his uniform smoking. He was down, but, however,  not out.

Then he took a gamble. This opponent did not seem malevolent or hostile towards him. She appeared to be in the same predicament he was in. 

Ray laid dead still as she floated towards him. The crowd was chanting for her to finish him.

He opened his eyes just a little and saw the reddish hue all around. She had to be very close.

Ray suddenly leapt upwards, driving his fist into her jaw. His objective was to just knock her unconscious, so he had to strike not only quickly and lightly, but hard enough as well.

It worked. She fell at his feet. Ray surmised that she was still alive because she still glowed.

All were on their feet, including Olivius and Mike. The chanting had started again. The bloodthirsty crowd still wanted a kill.

Ray just walked away, back towards the entrance to the arena. 

The gate was still closed, however. He paused and looked back up at the crowd. His eyes turned towards Mike.


End of Chapter 27

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