The Terrific Two

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - The Coronation

Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



Chapter 25- The Coronation


Captain Frank Sawyer has always been known to be a fair but firm leader. This was the main thing that Lieutenant Kauffman considered as he pulled into a parking space and joined his unit for the morning run, knowing full well he would have to face him.

After the run, Captain Sawyer told him to report to his office at 8:00 AM.

When that time came Kauffman knocked on his door and was told to come in and shut the door.  He did so, and reported to him. The captain told him to be at ease and to sit down.

"Ron," Sawyer began, " I want you to start from the beginning and tell me everything. I got somewhat of a preliminary report from your platoon sergeant already."

The captain knew that his lieutenant was an officer with an impecable record. He was a dedicated, hard charging and well respected leader.

Kauffman let his story unfold. He left out no detail. The captain, who was a good listener, said nothing from the time Kauffman began until the time he stopped. The first sergeant was also present during the meeting.


Dracos sat with his wisest and eldest advisor., Balazaar. He looked towards him.

"So you see my dilemma, " he said, "if I make good on my threat and shut down their world's power again, she may have so much anger towards me that I may never win her love."

Balazaar though for a moment. "My lord," he began, "I think your best course of action for now is to make an announcement, in which you will state a given deadline. If Lilith is not returned by then, you will take the course of action you described."

Dracos thought for a moment. "That sounds like the best choice. I will proceed at once."

The following day, all the world's major televsion networks had their cameras set up in Dracos' throneroom. Then he made his plans known.

" I am giving your world seventy two hours from now to return my Lilith to me. If this is not done by the appointed time, I will shut down your world's power until she is returned." With that, Dracos sat back down on his throne and told the head of his guard to escort the media crowd out of the castle. He gave them no time for questions.


After Ray's visit to Morbius' laboratory, he was escorted back to his cell. Tiberius' inquired as to what had occurred. Ray informed him.

"So you met the charming Morbius, and now they want to use you as entertainment for their own perverse pleasures."

"That's about the size of it, pilgrim," Ray said, using the words of a famous movie star.

Tiberius raised an eyebrow. Ray looked back and said "Sorry Tibeirus. I keep forgetting I'm in a different dimension."

"My advice to you would be to escape as soon as you get your powers back. You can get with our queen and plan another course of action."

"I just can't" Ray replied, shaking his head, "they'll kill Mike."

" I think she plans on killing you both after her feelings for your partner are gone. And as mad as she is, it may not be long from now."

Ray just sat in the dark and mulled over his situation again. A short while later, the door opened and several guards came in. They took Ray and led him up the stairs once more. 

He was taken to a room and he was measured. Ray surmised that he was going to be given some sort of outfit.

He was then taken to a room with showers whereupon he was ordered to shower, brush his teeth, and put on a robe furnished by them.

After his shower, Ray was taken to another room where he was shaved and groomed. Then his evening wear was brought to him.

Ray's eyes widened. It was a formal uniform, with a white jacket with gold brush type ephalet's for his shoulders. It also consisted of navy blue pants with black silk striping, a white bow tie and shirt, and a chest ribbon of several colors. There were also black and very shiney shoes. 

After dressing, he was esorted to the main ballroom. The pre coronation ceremony was already underway.

The ballroom was magnificent, with huge chandiliers, navy blue drapes, several large tapestries, and a maroon colored carpet.

There must have been about twenty or twenty five visitors in the room. Mostly they were of human form and formally dressed, of course. None of them were smiling.. All were seated at a U shaped dining table. At the head was Mike and Olivius.

Thaddeus and Olivius looked up at Ray as he came into the room. Thaddeus just give him a blank stare. Olivius had her usual ugly smirk. Ray ignored them as he was escorted to his seat.

The meal consisted of something resembling a pheasant. The drink was of a blue color in a wine glass.

"What the hell? I might as well go ahead and eat. If it's poisonous to me and I die,it will be a blessing." Ray thought.

The drink was good, and Ray had more. Soon, the ceremony started.

There were several toasts, after which Mike and Olivius stood. Everyone else rose as well, including Ray. Mike and Olivius walked out ot the ballroom and all followed. They arrived at the throneroom and sat down on their thrones. Trumpets sounded.

Two of the royal staff approached the thrones, one carrying some sort of rolled up parchment and the other a crown.

Once in front of the thrones, the one with the parchment unrolled it and read aloud. Ray discerned it must be some sort of decree. 

Then the crown was placed on Mike's head. Trumpets sounded again as Mike and Olivius stood. All applauded, except for Ray who just sipped his drink. His head started to swirl just a little as he looked around and still saw no one smiling.

Another sound of the trumpet and the royal couple proceeded to the ballroom, as the rest of them did.

Some sort of symphonic band struck up and some took to the floor. They were dancing to something resembling a waltz.

Ray raised his glass and a servant came and poured more drink into it. He gulped it down.

About ten minutes later, he saw that a receiving line had formed. Ray got in it and made his way to Mike.

Ray looked in his eyes. There was no trace of the Mike he had known. He returned Ray's gaze with just a glassy eyed smile.

"What have they done to you, sir?" Ray asked in a sorrowful voice.

No response. Ray lowered his head and stepped over, finding himself once again confronting the mad empress.

"Well well, it's your royal hineyass again," he said, drunk by now, "You know, I'm so happy I could just shit. On your face that is." he added.

Olivius' eyes widened as she bristled at his remark. Thaddeus heard it too and signalled for a guard. One came over and put a hand on Ray's shoulder.

Ray turned and punched the guard in the mouth, who went flying about ten feet in the air and bounced around on the floor like a rubber ball.


End of Chapter 25.


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