The Terrific Two

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Morbius the Mad

Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017




Chapter 24- Morbius the Mad


Tears streamed down Queen Lavonicus' face as she told the leadership council what the present situation was.

"I thought I saw some kind of glimmer of hope when the two made it into the castle. But it was nothing more than a trap," she said, " they used the old abandoned castle to lay it. The two fought valiantly but nine powerful sorcerrers proved to be too much for them to overcome."

Augustus, the oldest and wisest of the group, and who was the second tier emporer of New Atlantis, spoke up. "We cannot allow ourselves to just give in to defeat, your highness," he said, "I know the situation is very bleak and dark, but the pair are still alive. We have that to be thankful for."


After a few days and nights, several guards came into Ray's and Tiberius' cell. Ray, still hurting, was lifted up and escorted out. Tiberius watched, wondering what was going to happen. After the door was closed, he cursed the fact that he was still powerless.

Ray was taken to Olivius' throneroom and shoved hard down on the floor. He stood up, not believing what he now saw next.

Mike, in some sort of royal regalia, sat on a throne next to Olivius. He just stared at Ray, no sort of recognition in his eyes.

"Kneel before your new king," Olivius said with one of her ugly smirks.

Ray felt his heart plummet to his feet. Mike a king now? Of an empire run by evil? 

He almost said something, but bit his tounge. He did not want to get banged up any longer.

"Tonight we are having a little celebration," Olivius said, "in honor of our new king. All will be in their finest dress, even including you. But first, however, I would like to introduce you to my son, Morbius. Follow me, if you will."

Olivius and Mike rose and started heading down a long hallway. Ray was shoved to follow them.

A few minutes later, they entered a doorway with guards on each side. Ray found himself in a huge room, appearing to be some sort of laboratory. A figure on the other side of the room turned and regarded them.

He looked like his mother, only with jet black hair and a bowl shaped hairstyle. He stopped whatever he was doing and approached his visitors.

He had a wicked grin (must run in the family, Ray thought) and madness in his eyes. He made a slight bow.

"My son does not say much,"Olivius began, "and is really quite mad. He is,however, a powerful wizard and scientist. He has journied to many dimensions. When he goes on these excursions, he always brings back items of, shall we say, interest."

The queen beckoned Ray to follow her as she ventured into an adjoining dark hallway. Moribius followed them and flipped on a light switch.

"Behold his collection," Olivius remarked, "all of these he has taken from the other realms I was referring to earlier."

Ray slowly followed the group. There were muliple cells which housed all manner of creatures. There was total silence. Ray surmised that the cells were soundproof.

He saw creatures that must have weighed at least a ton. There were humanoid types, multiple legged ones, and even robotic looking ones.

They all had one thing in common. All looked very formidable and dangerous, as well as very angry.

"Often we have games in our collesium," Olivius said, "we pit one against the other. It is always such fun and entertainment. Our friend Thaddeus came up with a brilliant idea a short while ago."

Olivius stopped and turned towards Ray.

"We are going to have YOU as part of these games now. You will be allowed to use your full powers. However I must warn you that numerous weapons will be trained on you and your partner from places you won't be able to see. If you try anything we should deem detrimental to us, you and the king will be destoyed. By the way, the games start in the morning."


End of Chapter 24 



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