The Terrific Two

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Captured

Submitted: January 03, 2017

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Submitted: January 03, 2017



Chapter 23- Captured


Darkness. The only thing that Ray beheld when he awoke. The air was fetid and stuffy. The naval officer sat up and looked around, seeing only more darkness and hearing absolutely no sound.

He raised his glove and willed it to light the area.  Nothing.  He then gasped in surprise.

A crimson light in the shape of a sphere surrounded his glove. Suddenly the spirit of the glove spoke to him inside his brain. The entity expressed that the evil queen of this realm had put a powerful spell over his and Mike's gloves. They had been rendered powerless.

About the only positive thing that came from this horrid situation was the fact that the red sphere itself gave off a hue, casting at least some light.

Ray saw Mike lying on his back, not moving. He got up (enduring the pain of movement brought about by the duel with the sorcerrers) and walked over and knelt down next to him.

"He is unconscious," a voice said. Ray immediately raised his glove in the direction from where it had  come.

He saw a New Atlantean sitting on the floor. He looked fairly old and had a white beard. He wore a dark green tunic with an lighter green cape. He had what seemed to be some kind of long rectangular object laced through the space of his bent arms which were behind his back.

Ray walked over to him. "Are you Tiberius?" he asked.

"That I am," he replied in a deep and somewhat hoarse voice.

Ray then lifted his gloved hand again and cast the crimson hue all around. He then walked in a circle checking things out more closely.

There was a water trough. On the other side of the cell was some sort of toilet. It stunk.

"There is no way out of here if that is what you are looking for," Tiberius said,  "Olivius and her  wizards have already tried to remove your's and your friend's gloves a few hours ago while you were both still unconscious. They were not successful, so Olivius put a negating spell on them. Your partner regained consciousness when they were departing, but Thaddeus blasted him unconscious again."

"Well other than that, how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?" Ray asked dejectedly as he sat down.

Tiberious raised his brow, not understanding what Ray meant.

"Please forgive me, sir," Ray said," I keep forgetting we are in a different world."

"No harm done, my friend," replied Tiberius. Then they just sat in silence for a while. Ray lifted his glove towards Mike and saw he was still not moving, but breathing regularly.

"Olivius was quite upset that she was not able to remove your gloves. My guess now is that her and her wizards are in her room of mysticism trying to come up with some spell to overide the spitirtual strength of the gloves."

"Either way I'm sure you can bet any part of your body that she'll be back with some kind of twisted decision on what to do with us," Ray commented.

"Quite true. There was a time when I battled her wizards by myself and defeated them single handedly. That, of course, was long before they numbered nine. Some decades ago she took every force she had and tried to take over our city. Tritonus saw it coming and we were able to amass our forces at the secret location she chose to enter our realm. They were not expecting that and we drove her forces back to their dimension, inflicting heavy casualties. Thaddues lost an eye in a duel with me. I have kept it suspended in water in a glass vessle.

With Tritonus' power, we were able to construct a special crystal ball that we can use to monitor her realm. Fortunately, neither she nor her wizards have discovered this yet."

Ray looked up.

"Sir, do you mean that Queen Lavonicus has been watching all of this?" Ray asked.

"Yes," Tiberius replied, "but she is bascially powerless to help us as she has only the mystical power of the two remaining apprentices."

"What about your power,?" Ray asked.

"This object placed behind my back robs me of every bit of it," the grand wizard replied, "I would have gladly fought to the death if it did not hinder me."

Suddenly the door opened and Queen Olivius and Thaddues entered.  Thaddues raised his hand and light flooded the cell.

Ray stood up. Olivius and Thaddeus just glared at him. Olivius had a twisted smile on her face.

"This is your reward since you pathetic fools decided not to give us your gloves," she said, "how do you like the accomodations?"

'Well let me tell ya, Queen Barrel Butt," Ray replied, "I sure would rather be in this dump than  anywhere close to you or Blowboy Junior standing next to you there."

Tiberius closed his eyes and bowed his head. The queen's eyes widened and she made a backhanded motion with her arm.She made no physical contact with Ray, but he went flying, slamming hard against the wall.

The queen walked over and picked him up by his shirt.

"You will suffer beyond your imagination if your are ever disrespectful to me or any one of us again!!" she louldy snarled. Then she threw him back on the floor. Ray could barely move.

She then walked over and stood above Mike, who was still unconscious. She raised her hand and waved it in a circular motion. A gentle rose colored light fell upon him. He awoke and sat up, gasping.

Olivius gently levitated him in the air, and slowly set him back down. He stood about a foot away, facing her.

Another gentle light came from the queen's eyes and entered Mike's. His head shook back and forth violently. This went on for about thirty seconds. Mike just stood there in a daze afterward.

Ray got to his feet. "WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM, BITCH!" he shouted. Olivius just looked back towards Ray with a snarlish smile.

"I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU'VE HURT HIM!" Ray shouted again. "SOMEHOW I WILL KILL YOU!" He put a special emphasis on "will"

Thaddues blasted Ray hard, using both hands. Again he slammed into a wall and lay there afterward, not moving.

Olivius took Mike by the hand. He, her, and Thaddeus exited the cell, the queen still smiling. Thaddeus stopped and eyed Tiberius for a few seconds before they closed the door.


End of Chapter 23.

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