The Terrific Two

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - The Bitter Taste of Defeat

Submitted: December 12, 2016

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Submitted: December 12, 2016



Chapter 22-The Bitter Taste of Defeat


It was in the middle of the night when Lilith and Lieutenant Kaufmann made it to a twenty four hour fuel station. The young army officer called his unit and spoke to the sergeant on duty. He ordered him to send a jeep immediately to his location. About forty five minutes later they had been picked up and were on their way to Stuttgart where Kaufmann's apartment was.

He would leave Lilith there and then take his car to report in, turn in his weapon, and drive back.  It was now 2;13 AM. He would be able to get just a few hours sleep, but that was better than nothing. It would be hard enough falling asleep knowing that he had to face his commander in the morning.

The power was back on. It had stayed off for forty eight hours.

The spirit of the duchess was still with them and had shielded them from the probing of the alien craft, which still continued to roam the sky.



Dracos had not been able sleep. It had been two days now since they discovered that his Lilith was missing.

He looked at his clock and it said 3:31 AM. He then rolled back and stared at the ceiling, feeling rage starting to invade his soul once more.

The mad alien rose and started towards the stairs. He was going to contact Kronos and command him to shut down the world's power until Lilith surfaced from hiding.

Then he froze in his tracks. The love of his life may never forgive him for doing that. He could force her to stay with him, but he would never be able to share her soul with his, as he had been dreaming about for a long time.

He would seek council with his wisest on his leadership council, Balazar, later in the morning. He would know what to do.

Crestfallen, he returned to his bed and felt a lump rise in his throat, as he realized she was no longer his captive. He was now hers.


The full moon gave off much needed light as MIke and Ray once again trod through the wilderness of the alien land. According to the shaman, they would be arriving at their destination, the queen's palace, in about three hours. There they would view the castle from all angles with their infrared binoculars and detemine the best avenue of approach and entry.

About two hours and forty five minutes later a sillouette of a large dark castle came into view. Smoke was rising from several chimneys.

The duo stopped and laid down, viewing the place through their binoculars. They were on the crest of a high hill.

"You head right and I'll head left," Mike said softly, "we'll meet on the other side. We'll signal each other with our flashlights using the red lenses when we think we are close to meeting. We'll compare notes and decide what to do from there."

"Aye sir," Ray said. With that, they started out, staying low as they crept along.

About half an hour later, Ray saw the low red beam flashing from Mike's flashlight. They then huddled in a small crevice.

"Surprisingly there is no moat or any guards, " Mike said softly.

"I guess nobody in their right mind would dare try to enter uninvited. I'm sure this Olivius is not exactly The Sugar Plum Fairy, " Ray said, speaking very softly as well.

"I saw where there was some kind of back door, probably leading to the kitchen. Chances are no one is in there since it is so dark. It's probably the middle of the night, their time," Mike said.

"Sir, I suggest we make use of that door, given the circumstances. If it's locked we'll just have to break in as quietly as possible. There may not be any guards on the exterior but there certainly has to be some inside."

"A big affirmaitve on that," Mike said, " I'll go first and you can cover my back."

Stealthily they crept once again, heading towards the door as Ray kept watch towards the rear. Things were as quiet as a tomb.

The door was roughly seven feet tall and made of some kind of sturdy wood and had an old style push handle latch. Mike pressed his ear against the door.  He heard nothing.

It was locked. No surprise. Mike aimed a heat beam at the handle and started to melt it. An energy beam blast would have made too much noise.

About a minute later,  Mike pushed on the door and it opened.

The pair slowly entered and shined their flashlights all around. It was very dark.

Mike was correct assuming the door led to the kitchen. There were skillets and pots hanging all around. 

Silently they crept through the dark and found another main door  It opened to what appeared to be a large ballroom.  There was a large fireplace in the room with its flames blazing. Still no sign of life.

The duo shined their lights all around again. The room had very drab surroundings; no paintings and dark drapes.

Suddenly the air above them exploded with the crackle of lightening. Ray and Mike fell flat on the floor and looked up.

Floating in the air, almost to the ceiling and evenly spaced around the room, were nine figures. They had dark cloaks and helmets similar to those worn by the Spartans centuries ago. You could not make out any of their faces. One was hovering above the entrance way. He did not have a helmet, but a cowel. His countenance was also dark.

"I am Thaddeus, " he said, "Lord of the Royal Wizards of Oliviashire. We know why you are here. There are nine of us and only two of you. If you challenge us, you will be destroyed. You can save yourselves by laying down your gloves and stepping away from them. We, in turn, will send you back to your world unharmed. Again, if you choose to challenge us, you do not stand a chance."

Mike and Ray looked at one another. They should have suspected a trap. Things had been far too easy.

"Tell ya what there captain dildo," Ray said," where I come from talk is pretty cheap. Let's see what you got. I bet it's not as much as you think it is."

The sorcerrers looked at each other in puzzlement. They never heard the word "dildo".

"NOW!" Mike yelled. The second that they took to look at one another was all that was needed.

Mike zoomed up and circled around with his fist out, hitting the ones on one side of the room, knocking them against the wall. Ray fell to a knee a blasted Thaddeus with an energy beam, knocking him through a window. Ray then fell and rolled on the floor as three other wizards fired purple colored lightening bolts at him. Fortunately they missed. Ray got to his feet and blasted the three, knocking them against the wall.

In the meantime Thaddeus came back through the window. Mike turned just in time to see a purple bolt coming at him. It was too late for him to duck as he was knocked in a backward somersault . Several of the wizards had recovered and pounced on him. Ray saw this and flew like a rocket ramming into them. They all fell like bowling pins.

Thaddeus fired bolts and hit Ray, but Mike had seen him take aim and had rolled out of the way. He fired a heat beam at Thaddeus. The sorccerer screamed and flew out the window, his cloak on fire.

While Ray was trying to get back on his feet, three of the wizards shot bolts at Mike. He slammed hard against a wall and then tried to get up. More wizards were upon them. Two blasted Mike in the face, knocking him out.

Ray got to his feet and jumped on the wizards surrounding Mike... He grabbed one in a headlock and kicked another in the balls, causing him to keel over and writhe on the floor. Ray then threw the wizard he had had in a headlock at another sorcerrer, slamming him against the wall.

Another had snuck behind him and got him in a chokehold. Ray Judo flipped him and then tossed him in the air like a badmitton bird. He then punched him hard enough to send him through a wall.

Thaddeus had put out the fire in his cloak and had soared back in to join the fray. 'REGROUP UP HERE!" he shouted.

The four conscious sorcerrers flew to his side. They raised their arms and all five fired at one time.

Ray had seen them take aim and slammed his body down on the floor again. The bolts sailed over his head, exploding into a wall. Ray then raised his glove and fired an energy beam in a sweeping motion. He was able to knock out two but the other three had dodged it. They all charged him at different angles. Thaddeus managed to get behind Ray and yank him up, putting him in a chokehold. The other two wizards then unleashed their bolts on him.

Thaddeus droped Ray onto the floor.

"Well piss on a damn picnic plate," Ray murmured as he fell.

Then everything went black.


End of Chapter 21 



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