The Terrific Two

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Duel in the Dark

Submitted: December 05, 2016

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Submitted: December 05, 2016




Chapter 21-Duel in the Dark


President Truman and the first family walked down the ramp of the spacecraft into the custody of the awaiting guards. They gazed at their surroundings. They were in what appeared to be the main ship's port for smaller craft.

Guards quickly surrounded them and marched them down a long and  poorly lit hallway. At the end was a door that had an indented hand pattern next to it. One of the guards put his hand on it and it opened.

More guards took over at that point and escorted the president and his family down another hallway. It was not a pleasant trip. On each side were cells occupied by all manner of creatures.

The cells were well lit with large glass windows. The occupants ranged from humanoid types, lizard like beings, and things that had no remote comparison. They were of all sizes and colors. Some roared, some snarled, and some remained quiet.

The first family were put in a cell similar to the others, only larger than most.

As the guard closed the door, Henry Truman walked to the window and glared at it, his fists clenched. He swore under his breath that he would somehow defeat these diabolic beings or die trying.


Ray gave up trying to revive Mike and then stood up. He raced out onto the main thouroughfare of the village and looked in the direction the others were now looking  He made it just in time to see the beast turn left,into the wilderness.

The navy officer gave chase, shooting through the air but staying as quiet and as close to the ground as possible.

The thing moved fast. Ray prayed that it wouldn't turn around and see him.

It finally made it's way into a large dark cave. Ray pursued as the cave turned into a tunnel and wound around and around, all the time decending.

It was pitch black.. Ray surmised that this beast must be able to see in the dark.


Lilith and her rescuer rose from the bed of straw in the barn after the duchess' spirit informed them that it was dark and there were no other craft in the area.

Lieutenant Kauffman, still holding his weapon at the ready, and Lilith, followed the lead of the spirit.

It was agreed that they would make their way to Lieutenant Kauffman's apartment in Stuttgart. She would stay hidden there until they decided what to do. Fortunately Stuttgart was only a little less than 20 miles away.

Kauffman would have to get to the base as soon as possible and report in. He would probably be in trouble with the company commnder, but that was all right. He would have accomplished the most important thing that he had set out to do.


The beast turned into a small cavern. Ray stopped right at where it turned and listened. He could hear the cries of the young creatures that it had.

He slowly turned and shined the light into the cavern, just in time to see the monster toss the two creatures into a pit. He extigushed the light and jumped down into a smaller pit, his intention to give himself time to figure some kind of strategy. He lay in the pitch dark, the only sounds were the cries of the beast's prey.

Then Ray heard a sniffing noise and growling. It started getting closer. The monster was sniffing him out!


The shaman recovered from the powerful blow he had received. Rising up, he looked at his surroundings. His hut now had no roof.

Two of the five elders had also recovered. The shaman knelt down next to the other three and determined they had been killed.

He ran through the hole Ray and Mike had made when they had been struck. The shaman saw MIke laying on the ground, very still.

The shaman shook him, but he didn't come to. Then alien witch doctor stood, looked up to the sky, and spread his arms outward. He began a chant.


Ray had no choice but to get out of the pit as the thing was almost upon him. He willed the glove to produce it's spotlight again and rocketed out, heading towards the sounds the smaller creatures were making

The beast roared and swung it's clawed hand at Ray, but he was too fast. He flew into the pit and gathered all four in his arms. He flew back up and around the monster who was now coming in his direction.

The beast was able to grab Ray's leg right before he made it out of the cavern. Ray fell to the ground and let go of what he carried. He yelled at them to run, but they were already sprinting.

The monster saw this and slammed Ray on the cavern's floor. It then gave chase.


Clouds of mulitcolored light formed above the shaman's head as he continued to chant. Then they dove downward, dissappearing into Mike as he lay there.

Suddenly the admiral regained consciousness. He rose, looked around, and directed his gaze to the shaman.

The warlock,then communicated to Mike what had happened and pointed in the direction that Ray had taken.

In a flash Mike took to the sky. He looked down and saw the young creatures that had been taken running out of a cave.

He zoomed toward it like a Tomohawk Missle.


The beast had tried to catch it's prey, but Ray threw up a wall of ice obstructing it.

The thing flew into such a rage it forgot all about it's dinner. It reached down and grabbed Ray and started to put him in it's mouth. Ray clasped his hands together and swung, knocking the beast's front teeth out. Again it roared, giving Ray just enough time to blast it in it's face with an energy beam. The monster tumbled backwards.

Ray tried to make another escape but the hellish creature grabbed his leg again and slammed him back on the cavern floor. Ray rolled around in a daze.

The monster grabbed a huge stalagtite and ripped it from the cavern's ceiling. It must have weighed at least half of a ton.

The beast grabbed it with both hands and raised it above it's head. Ray was just now shaking off the blow he had received

Suddenly the stalagtite exploded. The one eyed beast looked around and saw another figure standing in the cavern's entrance. That was the last thing it would ever see as Mike let loose a heat beam, burning into it's eye and then searing into it's brain.

The monster keeled over, surprisingly not making a sound this time.


A short while later Thaddeus and his subordinates watched as the villagers gave the two heroes a sendoff. They knew the villagers had told them where the royal palace was.

Thaddeus pushed back his cowel and  cast his one eyed gaze at his fellow sorcerrers. Thaddeus wore an eyepatch over where his right eye used to be. He  had lost it long ago in a  battle with Tiberius.

His head was also bald and scarred.

"We must put our plan into affect immediately," he said, " they will probably be at our designated location by morning."


End of Chapter 21



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