The Terrific Two

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - A Somewhat Less than Polite Guest

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: November 21, 2016



Chapter 20- A Somewhat Less than Polite Guest


Lilith was awoken by someone calling her name. She rose to find herself in the presence of the spirit of the duchess. She nudged Lieutenant Kaufmann who was lying next to her. He snapped awake and grabbed his weapon, raising it.

It had been slow going for them, having traveled through the forest most of the night. The two discovered a barn on an abandoned farm and found a place in the upper loft, not visible from the entrance. It was afteroon now.

"They have discovered that you are missing," the spirit said to Lilith, "it happened just a minute ago."

Lilith bowed her head. Fear and sorrow overtook her countenance. Kaufmann consoled her, putting his arm around her shoulder. He leveled his gaze back upon the silvery apparition.

"What would be best for us to do now?" he asked.

"Stay where you are and lie down," she replied, "they have launched their air vessles and are starting to comb the area. They have deivces that can detect bodily heat. I will hover over the both of you which will disrupt them until they are gone. Now lie down and cover yourselves with straw. I will let you know when they have passed. Then I will stay with you until, Lilith, you can disguise yourself somehow and get far away."

The two lay back down and covered themselves with straw. And it was none too late, as a craft came hovering over the barn.

They looked into each others eyes. Lilith reached out her hand and stroked Kaufmann's cheek and whispered how greatful she was that he would risk so much to save her.

The young army officer took it and gently gave it a squeeze.


Dracos had picked up the head servant and was holding him by his throat. His feet dangled about eighteen inches above the floor.


The mad alien took him to an outside veranda and tossed him straight up in the air. He let loose red colored bolts from his eyes and instantly incinerated him. His ashes fell gently to the ground.

Dracos then made his way back into the throne room. He glanced at President Truman and his family.

"Get them out of my sight!" he said, "take them to confinement in the main ship. I don't want them harmed. Not yet, anyway. So put them in a cell separate from the rest of the prisoners."

Truman and his family were escorted off to a shuttle. Dracos sat back down on his throne and pushed a button on an arm rest. The face of Kronos instantly came to view on his main communication screen.

"Yes, my lord?" he asked

"Shut the world's power down now until further notice," he replied. "those who die in the earthling's hospitals and the like will have nobody to blame but the leader of this "USA" kingdom!"


Mike and Ray sat and watched as the shaman conferred with what appeared to be some sort of council of elders. One or two would periodically glance over at the pair.

They appeared to conclude their discussion and the shaman strode back to where the two were. He bowed his head and thoughts once again entered Mike's and Ray's minds.

The thoughts conveyed that they had little choice but to agree to their conditions. There was a large stipulation that if and when the duo were able to locate their land's ruler, they must never reveal that they were aided by them.

Ray and Mike agreed. Then the shaman bade the two and the elders to sit in a circle and discuss how they were now going to rid the land of this horrible menace.

"I suggest we set a trap for this thing, " Ray said, "we also need to be able to follow it to it's lair and see if some of your young are still alive. Then we can get them the hell out of there."

Mike concurred. The shaman communicated this to the elders and they also nodded in agreement. Although they did question what "hell" was.

"Excuse me," Ray said," just a figure of speech."

"Exactly how does this thing manage to get to your young?" Mike asked, "and does it come at a consistent time? Does it always enter the village the same way or does it come in different ways?"

The shaman replied that it would always come into the village at the same entrance point and when the planet's moon was at a certain spot. However, it did not come every night. It was more like every other night.

"When did it last attack?" Ray asked

The shaman converyed that it was the night before last. So more than likely it would come tonight.

The shaman also explained that it would rip into their huts to get to their young. The villagers tried to hide in the hills the last time but it did no good. The creature found them regardless.

"We'll pick a point where we will be out of sight but we can still see the entire village." Mike said, "then once it comes and get's what it wants we'll stay low and quietly follow it. We'll just have to hope and pray it doesn't turn around and see us."

The shaman echoed this to the others. They all nodded their heads in agreement

An instant later the roof of their hut was ripped off. The beast gave it's loud and hideous roar and swung it's huge arm, backhanding all and knocking Mike and Ray through the wall.

Ray shook his head, still reelling from the powerful blow.

He looked to his right and saw Mike, laying very still.

Ray ran over and bent down, shaking him and calling his name. The horrible beast gave another roar amid all the screams of terror.

Mike didn't move.


End of Chapter 20


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