The Terrific Two

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Deadly Game

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016




Chapter 2- The Deadly Game


The Chief of Naval Operations gave a directive for the Seastar to proceed with all due haste, after they have completed their present mission, to 98 degrees longitude 120 degrees latitude.

He explained that the entire Seventh Fleet had become missing.  The USS John F Kennedy was already en route to investigate. But the Seastar was also needed because of it's advanced technology.

It had been joked that the Seastar could find a drop of seahorse excrement anywhere on the entire Atlantic floor.

After a few questions, Mike gave an "aye aye sir" and the screen went blank.

Mike then called for a meeting in the conference room. Ray, the executive officer, the ranking NCO, Chief Archer (a 25 year man), and the SEAL contingent commander were to attend.

They first reviewed satellite feed of the island they were going to invade. It was night now. The feed had infrared capability and showed how many living bodies were presently on the island. The details were such that they could distinguish between man and animal. They counted 76 bodies. Most were spread out on the island. A few were in a small building.

The ISIS leader called himself The Scorpion. In the years Mike and Ray were in the SEALS, several times they had him cornered. But he had the luck of the devil and was always able to escape.

The Scorpion even knew Mike by name.

In the meeting Mike advised the SEAL contingent leader he would go along with the first team as he and Ray had been trying for years to capture or terminate him. They also knew The Scorpion had an atomic bomb on the island. The mission of the first team was to go in, get to the building, and prevent the bomb from being used. Mike knew without a doubt The Scorpion would set it off, given the chance. He had no regard for any life, human or otherwise.

Ray was to take the ALS (air, land and sea) Craft and head to the site where the Seventh Fleet disappeared and do a preliminary search.

The ALS Craft was shaped somewhat like a Manta Ray. It had pilot and co-pilot seats, room for 12 commandos, and could carry a small nuclear payload.

It had two laser cannons on drop down turrets, both fore and aft. It's search technology was just as advanced as the Seastar's. In  the air it could make 1000 miles per hour.

It used anti gravity/magnetic field technology (yes, reverse engineered from an alien craft in Area 51).

The executive officer, Dan Carter, would be left in charge.

An hour later, the ALS Craft dropped down from it's hangar. Lieutenant Farragut (a direct decendant of the admiral) the official pilot, took it straight up to the surface. Seconds later, they were airborne under full power, climbing into the clouds.Ray watched the clouds dissappear as they rose above them. Lieutinant Farragut told Ray they had a destination arrival time ofi approximately 196 minutes.


Mike peered into the darkness ahead as he steered his underwater self propulsion device to follow the team leader. There were six of them, all in SCUBA. They carried weapons with silencers and standard issue SEAL knives.

The team circled the island until it came to a small cave, partially under water. They then silently made it's way in. They surfaced and pulled off the SCUBA gear and laid them and their propulsion devices on the cave's floor. They then put on their infrared goggles and cocked their weapons.

Instinct told Mike to go further into the cave. He gave a signal to the team leader to wait. Mike then walked, hunched down, into the darkness.

They were in luck. There was a small cave opening above on the ground. Mike went through it and saw that the building was very close. What a break!


The ALS Craft slowed it's approach. Ray told Farragut to circle the area. It was late afternoon where they were at.

There was no sign of anything. No floatage. No sign of life.

After circling a few times, the craft landed on the surface, and then dove into the depths.

Both Ray's and Farragut's mouth flew open as they saw the reading on the external thermometer.The water was over 200 degrees farenheit!

The temperature did not change as they went deeper. Suddenly, the radiation detector started going wild.


The team had all made it through the small cave and was crawling towards the building. There was a guard on the front steps.

The team leader crawled way over to the side of the building. Then to the side of the steps where the guard could not see him. With lightening speed he jumped up and rammed his knife up underneath the guards ribs, killing him instantly.

Another guard they did not see looked over and saw what happened. He raised his weapon, but Mike saw this and shot him with his nine millimeter automatic with a silencer before the guard could pull the trigger. He keeled over dead.

The team made their way into the building. By this time the entire contingent of 75 SEALS were in position, right offshore, still underwater, waiting for the command.

It was pitch dark in the building as the team crept through the hallway, slowly opening doors.

Mike opened a door and saw the glow of a cigar. Then a light was switched on. Mike raised his weapon.

It was The Scorpion. His hand was on a switch. Next to The Scorpion was the largest most brutal looking man Mike had ever seen, holding an AK47.

Mike removed his goggles, keeping his weapon trained on the head terrorist.

"Well, we meet again, Captain Newman. Or Admiral Newman now, I suppose" said the Scorpion.

By this time the SEAL team leader had also come in followed by another SEAL.

The Scorpion blew smoke, and then said "Come in, gentlemen. The more the merrier."

"Get your hand off that switch right now, Scorpion, or I'll shoot you dead where you sit," said Mike.

"Now now, admiral," The Scorpion said, "let's not be too hasty. As a matter of fact, I'd like to play a little game with you. Guess a number between one and fifty. If your close by my standards, we'll go to the next little game. If not, well............."


End of Chapter 2.



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