The Terrific Two

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Out of the Frying Pan........

Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016



Chapter 19-Out of the Frying Pan........


The spirit of the duchess had been able to mock Lilith's voice sufficiently enough to fool the palace maids into thinking she was still in her bedroom, trying to sleep for most of the day and not wanting to be bothered. As for Dracos and his minions, they were too occupied trying to figure out exactly why they had a dead guard on their hands, among other things.

Fortunately Lieutenant Kaufmann had been able to fill the hole he had dug under the fence quickly enough so it would not arouse any suspicions.

In the morning, which was the middle of the night in the USA,  Dracos had President Truman and his family brought to him. He directed the family to stand on the side of where the president was, which was directly in front of him as he sat on his throne.

Weapons were now trained on the first family. Dracos leaned forward and told Truman to get on his knees. The mad alien leader then looked closely into his eyes.

"Have you any idea what I have the power to do?" he asked.

Mrs Truman and her daughters, still in their night clothes, stood racked with fear. The two girls were crying. The first lady, April, raised her chin and tried to look brave. 

Just then the head servant entered and exclaimed "I'm very sorry to interrupt, my lord, but it appears Empress Lilith is gone!"


Ray and Mike finished their meal and sat for a moment without saying a word. Then Mike spoke up.

"We need to make contact with someone or some thing that can give us an idea of where this Olivius is. I don't know if it will do any good, but we should also stay as hidden as possible. And we should probably only move at night."

"I agree, sir," Ray replied, " we should be as careful and as discreet as possible. We're in a totally different plain of existence and there's no telling what lies out there; whether hostile or friendly and whether we can trust anyone. I have an idea this Olivius, if she is some kind of queen, probably rules out of fear and with an iron hand.  This situation is not looking real promising."

"A big affirmative on that," Mike replied, "but we really have no choice. It's still dark now, and I have no idea when it will be light, not knowing the length of the day and night cycle here. We should probably get moving right away, though.

"Aye aye,sir" Ray replied, "as long as we move as far  away as possible from Buzzard Gulch over there. It wasn't exactly like a trip to The Venician in Vegas that I took, I'll tell you that much."

Mike smiled and got to his feet, leading the way. They commanded their gloves to shine small red lights as they were not as easily seen at night. Slowly they made their way through the forest.

Suddenly the two came to a small clearing. They looked around as they hurriedly crossed it.

In a matter of a second Mike was taken up in a large net. Holding Mike upside down, it slammed against a tree.

"Holy shit!" Ray exclaimed, "hang on and I'll get you down from there!"

An instant later five figures popped up from the surrounding shrubbery. They fired darts through blowguns and scored direct hits on the two.

Mike was rendered unconscious immedaitely.  Ray started falling down, losing consciousness as well. However, before he hit the ground, he was able to raise his hand and fire an energy beam at one of the attackers. He scored a bullseye, sending him about ten feet back, hitting a tree.

A few hours later they came to, finding themselves in a warm hut lying on some kind of beds.

Two of what appeared to be servants came and set cups of water and plates of what appeared to be food in front of them.

Mike and Ray looked at their surroundings. The creatures they were now looking at were humanoid, but had green and blue scales for skin. They were lizard like with forked tounges darting in and out of their mouths.

There were six of them, all with spears. In the middle of the room was some figure of authority facing them. It resembled a shaman, with it's headress and bracelets.

Ray rose up and raised his glove, aiming it at this shaman figure. The surrounding creatures instanlty took a battle stance, ready to throw their spears.

The shaman raised his hands and widened his arms, in a gesture of peace.

"Wait a minute, Ray!" Mike said, "let's see what happens next. They don't appear like they want to do us harm."

"Aye, sir" Ray replied.

The shaman then raised his arms and lowered his head. The two navy officers felt a presence enter their minds.

The presence communicated that they would do us no harm unless forced, and made an apology for the means they used to bring them there.

The communication further explained the reason the two were brought to their villiage. Simply put, they were asking for help.

Mike and Ray stayed silent as they watched the shaman proceed  to a large boiling pot of liquid. The creature then tossed in some grains and large vapors started coming out of the cauldron.

The shaman stepped back and raised his arms. He spoke apparent incantations and suddenly the vapors were acting like a movie screen.

It showed a large hideous beast that must have been at least two stories tall with one large eye and a large mouth full of fangs. It had long stringy hair and large clawed hands.

The villiage creatures fought it, but their spears and arrows just bounced off. The monster let out a horrendous roar which sounded like a train horn. It then grabbed several of the younger creatures and made off with them.

The sound made by the beast made Ray's blood run cold.

The shaman then communicated  that Mike had been seen battling the air creatures. The ones that saw this came back and reported this to the village leaders, who in turn told the shaman.

The kidnapping of their young had been going on for several days now, communicated the shaman. And now the village was humbly asking for the duo's help in destroyng this horrible monster. It was theorized that an earthquake, which happened several days ago,somehow set this thing loose from the planet's depths.

Ray and Mike looked at one another. Ray nodded to Mike.

"We will do as you request," Mike answered, " on one condition. We must ask you to help us find the queen ruler of this land."

The shaman's face suddenly turned pale and he took a step backwards.


End of Chapter 19





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