The Terrific Two

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Desparation

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Chapter 16-Desparation


Lilith rose at 3:00 AM and put on some casual dark clothing. She slipped out of her bedroom, per the spirit's instuctions, and looked up and down the hallway. It was as quiet as a tomb with no sign of movement.

She stopped at the end of the hallway right before it went into an open area at the top of the grand staircase. Then she saw the shade of light.

There were two guards in the entry way standing on each side of the front door. The duchess' spirit had made a bright light and a low moaning sound in the adjacent hallway. The two guards went to investigate.

Peering around the corner, Lilith saw what was happening. Everything was going precisely as planned. She wisked down the stairs and turned left, running into the grand ballroom as swiftly and silently as she could.

She made a beeline towards the curtains which concealed the elevator the spirit had told her about and parted them. She pressed a concealed door that looked like a part of the wall and it opened. Sure enough, it was there.

It had been well maintained all these years as it had been presented as part of the tours. Lilith entered and threw the switch. It proceeded all the way down past the basement and stopped at the lowest level. Lilith opened it's gate and looked around. There was a large pool consisting of water from the moat. She gently eased into the pool and started swimming towards the cave's entrance.

She stopped at the entrance and started treading water, looking for the person who was to meet her.

There, right by the tree that was spilt from a lightening strike, was a dark figure waving a white cloth. She put her head under water and started swimming towards it.

Upon making it to the bank, Lilith saw a deep hole dug underneath a wrought iron fence. She crawled through it and found herself face to face with a soldier. 

He had handsome and had  hawkish features. He gently put his forefinger up to his lips to make sure she knew to be quiet. Then he told her in a whisper to stay down and crawl and to follow him.

Scurrying as fast as they could they saw, not to far away, the road leading to town. Once they made it to the road and the forest beyond, they would more than likely be home free. Lieutenant Kauffman would then get her to the base and put her in hiding.

Suddenly an alien guard stepped right in their path. The two stopped abruptly. Then the guard turned and tripped over the lieutenant and fell to the ground.


"We dare not bother the queen again for quite some time," Thaddeus said to his group, "however it still remains that we cannot be completely sure of our threat's demise. We must keep looking, and if necessary, go to the frozen world and make sure they are no longer alive."

The other sorcerrers nodded in silence. Then they fixed their gaze back to the cryatal ball.

At this exact moment, Mike and Ray were once again fighting for their lives. They were not aware of the powerful sense of smell the snow giants had, which led them to them.

The monsters had made several attempts to get inside the cave, but Mike and Ray kept blasting them back. However it seemed for every one they hit, two more would take it's place.

"God!!" Ray yelled "these guys don't give up! I bet they still have their Vote for Mondale buttons!!"

"Let's try setting up an ice wall to block them and then we can try to blast our way out the back!" Mike shouted.

The duo put up a thick wall of ice, and  ran to the dark recess of the cave. They then started blasting the cave's roof, trying to create an opening. But it was slow going. The rock was extremely hard. 

The ice wall was broken through, and one of the creatures started crawling towards the pair, roaring and snarling. It moved so fast that by the time Mike raised his glove it was knocked aside. The monster grabbed Mike's head, but Ray gave it a hard uppercut, knocking it's head to the roof. The beast roared in pain. It then started to use Mike as a club to attack Ray, but suddenly it stopped, forzen in place. 

All was now silent. Mike squirmed out of creature's grip and shoved it back.

They next found themselves gazing at the three apprentices.

"We've come to get you out of this dimension and to the right one," Julius said, "and I see we got here just in time."

Mike and Ray looked through the cave entrance and saw several snow giants frozen in place, their eyes still open. Then they looked back at Julius.

"Man you've got that right," Ray said, hands on hips, breathing heavily.

"We have to work fast," Julius said, "in our weakened state our spells aren't very powerful. The spell paralyzing those beasts will only last a few moments. Come this way and we will form a circle around you."

With that, Mike and Ray stepped into the circle formed by the three. The sorcerrers then lowered their heads and began chanting.

Mike and Ray felt themselves becoming lighter. The apprentices kept chanting.

Suddenly a couple of the snow giants started growling. Julius looked over in time to see three or four start to move.

"Keep chanting!" he shouted. Julius then raised his arms and a light blue transparent dome covered the five. By now the creatures were up and moving. They started pounding on the dome, still snarling and roaring.

"Hurry!" Julius shouted, " I can't keep them at bay much longer!"

Ray and Mike slowly dissappeared. Marcellas and Lucas then turned their gaze to Julius 

"GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" he shouted," I have to stay here to keep them away while you return!"

Distraught and sickened, Marcellas and Lucas slowly nodded their heads. Then they started chanting again. A few seconds later they were gone.

Julius collapsed and so did the dome. The beasts were suddenly upon him.



Thaddeus jerked his head up. He felt another disturbance in the dimensional gateway. Then he sensed that it closed just as quickly.

"They have arrived," he told the others, " it is as I feared. They survived and Tiberius' apprentices must have somehow got them through!"

"How do we confront them, my lord?" one of the sorcerrers asked, "they have tremendous powers and even though there are five of us the cost to defeat them will be great."

Thaddeus did not answer, but flew to the queen's lair again. This time a spell was cast on the door. Nothing could enter or make any noise to disturb her. The wizard flew back to the main chamber.

"We will have to take things into our own hands," he said "the queen cannot be disturbed."

His fellow wizards all looked at one another , and then back to him.

"We shall trap them," Thaddeus said, "and I know just how. The element of surprise will be our main tool."


End of Chapter 16



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