The Terrific Two

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - The Snow Giants

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



Chapter 15- The Snow Giants


Ray heard the stump strike Mike and watched in horror as he plummeted to the ground. With all his speed Ray went after him.

But it was too late. It was almost as if gravity was more powerful here whereever they were than that of earth.

The beasts swarmed around Mike ; Ray surmised they were looking for a snack.

Diving like a P51 Mustang fighter, he raised his glove and let loose a heat ray, targeting the monster's posteriors. He circled, making sure he got all the ones close to Mike. There was a .lot of roaring and squeeling and running around. Also plenty of smoke. 

Ray dove in and grabbed Mike, making an attempt to put him in a fireman's carry and then take off. But the Snow Giants had other plans. They moved alarmingly fast.

One of the ones who was not wounded grabbed Ray by his ankle as he was trying to get airborne. With a vicious roar it slammed the pair back down on the ground, while more of the beasts came running to join the fray. Mike started coming to.

Ray blasted the one who threw them down with an energy bolt in it's face, knocking it onto it's back. By now others were just a few feet away. Then they were stopped with a wall of ice.

Ray looked in back of him and Mike had come to. He had thrown up the wall. 

But it had only stopped a few as they were of such great size.  One swung around the wall and grabbed Ray. It started bringing Ray close to it's mouth, but Ray kicked the thing in the jaw causing it to drop him and then to fall to the ground unconscious.

Two others were now on Mike. He swung and punched both of them, laying them out.

Seeing all this, the rest of the Snow Giants started to hesitate. They certainly were not expecting this from what  appeared to be a couple of puny creatures.

"Let's get back to back and blast them!" Ray exclaimed. A few were now retreating, but the ones that remaned were not giving up. They were then knocked way back off their feet by the duo's energy beams.

The two then shot into the air. Ray looked back this time and saw another stump coming, presumably as a parting gift. Mike grabbed it and flew a little ways back towards the monsters. Then he threw it right into one of their faces.

Flying over the forest, Ray spotted a cave. He flew a little ahead of Mike and then waved for him to follow.

They landed right outside of it and looked around. Still nothing but trees.

The pair commanded the gloves to shine light and then they entered. Mike found some soft dirt a little ways into the cave and collapsed on top of it, Ray, still using his glove as a powerful flashlight, went deeper into the darkness. He saw no sign of life. He came back to where Mike was laying, both of them were breathing hard with bruises. Mike then opened his shirt and looked down, thinking he might have a broken rib or two.

"What do you think we should do now, sir?" Ray asked.

"We need to recover," Mike answered, " I think something forced us off course. But we'll just have to deal with that later."

"Yes sir," Ray replied, "You rest for a while and I'll take the first watch."

A few seconds later he looked over at Mike, who was fast asleep already. Then he thought " I just wonder how the hell we're going to get out of the mess we're in now."


At the same time in New Atlantis, the three sorcerrer's apprentices were standing in front of a massive crystal ball. They were in Tiberius' laboratory. The queen entered as they all bowed and gave a royal greeting.

"Have you been able to make any progress?" she inquired.

Julius, the head apprentice replied "I am dreadfully sorry your majesty, but we have not. All that we have been able to ascertain is that they were thrown off course by some unknown power."

"Probably that damned Olivius," the queen said, "I was afraid something like this would happen"

Tears started rolling down her cheeks. All of a sudden Lucas shouted for everyone to look. The queen came over and peered into the ball. The sight of Mike and Ray came into view. They were in a dark place and one was sleeping while the other sat.

"Your highness," Julius spoke up. "now that we have located them in a dimension other than where they were supposed to be, it will take great power to send them to the correct one, However, I believe the combined powers of us three are enough to do so. With your permission, we will go to where they are and send them on their way."

"But what if Olivius intercepts all three of you like she did the other two? " the queen asked" the results would be disasterous." 

"We agree with what you say, your majesty, however, at this point, do we have a choice?"

The queen let out a small sob, then gently nodded her head.


Olivius stood in her dark study, peering into a large cauldron. Her spirit rose to other astrial planes as she inhaled the elixer's vapors. She traveled into other dimensions and saw things way beyound human understanding. Then there was a knock at her door. It took about twenty seconds for her spirit to return to it's body. She coldly and harshly bade the knocker to enter.It was Thaddeus.


"Please forgive me your majesty, but you  must come quick. We cannot locate the pair that you sent to the frozen world," Thaddeus said.

"What do you mean?!" she yelled, "How could you have lost them?!"

Thaddeus put his head down and said nothing. She went to the room that had her crystal ball.

The scene within the ball showed a good eight or nine of the large white creatures lying dead in a clearing and that was all. There was no sign of Mike and Ray

"You fools!" Olivius said, turning around, "did it not occur to you that the Snow Giants have probably consumed them?! Now leave me be!"

She stomped off before any of the sorcerrers could say anything


Ray and Mike had traded places. Mike was now sitting behind a bolder in the cave, watching the forest. Ray was fast asleep.

Suddenly Mike saw trees coming down. The Snow Giants were on the march again.


End of chapter 15

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