The Terrific Two

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Odyssey Into Terror

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016




Chapter 14-Odyssey Into Terror


Lord Kronos nervously stood in front of Dracos waiting for his response.

Just a small while ago he had to break the news to him that twelve fighter craft had been destroyed. He watched as Dracos eyes widened and his jaw tightened.

"YOU DARE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN!!? "he exclaimed.  Lord Kronos' head bent down and braced for what was coming. Dracos stood up from his throne and raised his hand, letting loose a beam which blasted Kronos back over twenty feet. Dracos went and stood over him as he writhed in agony.

"I do not care how this happened !" Dracos said, "but if something like this ever occurs again you will be exiled into space with no food or water! Now get out of my sight!"

Kronos was helped to his feet by the guards and escorted out to his craft. It then returned back to the main starship. Dracos went back to his throne to contiue watching world events. He looked over at the ornate throne he had consructed for his queen, but she was not there. He sighed and refocused on the TV screen. Then an idea came to him. He would host a gala event where heads of state would be invited and a grand dinner would be served. His thoughts were that this would certainly help to get  Lilith out of her doldrums. Dracos then called for a meeting with his commanders and the head of the palace staff.


Lieutenant Kaufmann stood up in his tent and met the gaze of the apparition that now faced him. He thought that the last few days had been a little too much to deal with. Aliens and now some sort of spiritual presence.

"Do not be afraid," it said in a soft tone, "I have come to help you rescue the one you saw on the veranda today."

The spirit introduced herself same as before. Lieutenant Kaufmann relaxed a bit, but was still a little frightened. He had never communicated with a spirit until now.

"I'm, er, very glad that you are, Duchess," he said, "just tell me what you want me to do and how this is going to take place."

The spirit started relaying her plan to the young officer.


After Ray and Mike conferred in private, they walked back into the meeting room.

"This sounds like a deal we really can't turn away from," Mike said. "Tell us what your plans are."

"First we will see how your bodies react to the gloves," the queen replied. "There will be a small training period and then Tiberius' apprentices, Marecellas, Julius, and Lucas will open the dimensional portal to the one Olivius is in. Then, you will be on your own. Training will start tomorrow morning. You need to be fed and have plenty of rest."

After breakfast the following morning, in the middle of a large field, Ray and Mike put on the gloves. The queen and her council and the sorcerrers where present.

The duo's eyes widened as they felt a tremendous rush of power into their bodies, and another presence enter their minds. The gloves glowed with a blue radiance.

This presence informed them of the powers they now had as long as they wore the gloves. Ray and Mike could sense this presence was a spiritual one, very ancient and powerful. It also told them it would be practically impossible for anyone to remove the gloves other the the one who wore them.  Thispower would give them the strength of at least 500 human earth men. It also gave them power of flight at a temendous speed and they could fire energy, heat, and freeze beams from them. All from thought commands.

Ray shook his head and looked over at Mike, who still had his head bent down and eyes closed. He was apparantly still communicating to the spirit of his glove. Then Ray glanced over at the queen and her party.

Suddenly, Ray launched himslf into the air and looped around and around. He then shot towards a large bolder way across the field and raised his hand. All watched in awe as an intensive blue beam shot from the glove, exploding the bolder into many pieces.

Mike took flight also. He circled another bolder and a red beam shot from his glove, melting it. The queen and her observers felt the heat all the way over to where they were.

Sudddenly Ray yelled at Mike "Hey Mike! Lets play volleyball!" With that, he picked up a bolder and threw it into the air. He rared back and slapped it, sending it flying towards Mike. Mike swung his fist just as it reached arms length. Exactly as the other, it shattered into many fragments.

The duo flew back to where their observers were.


Tiberius knelt in the middle of a large dark room. He had a long block of some kind of wood laced through his arms which were bent in back of him. He looked up at Queen Olivius.

She was about fifty feet tall and had milky white skin with scarlett colored eyes.Her gown was entrely black. In her own way, she was quite beautiful.However, the snarl on her face gave way to a deep ugliness.  She also held a staff, which had The Jewel of Neptune on it's top.

She glowered at Tiberious.Then the sorceress shrank herself to about five feet tall and grabbed the mighty wizard by his hair. She turned up his face and leaned down to where only inches separated their eyes. 

"You're a fool, Tiberius," she softly but harshly said, "you could have been my ally and had anything you wanted. But instead you chose to be my prisoner. All you had to do was turn those gloves over to me."

She let his head go and enlarged herself back to her original size. Tiberius glanced around the room.

There were eight sorcerrers standing in a circle around him. They all wore dark blue cloaks and had silver helmets, similar to the Spartan type. You could not make out their faces.

Tiberius was of ancient age. His body was somewhat frail and he resembled all the other Atlanteans, but his eyes shown with strength and determination. As always, he said nothing in return to the evil queens words. He knew this angered her and he enjoyed. it.

Suddenly the session was interrupted as Queen Olivius' ranking wizard, Thaddeus, entered. He looked the same as the others, but had a large silver staff with a jewel on it's head as well.

"Your majesty," he bagan, "there has been a disturbance in the dimensional gateways. It appears there are two beings that will be entering our world in a few minutes." The other sorcerrers turned their heads and watched as Olivius waved her arm and a large picture appeared in the wall. It showed Mike and Ray in flight through a tunnel, which was a kaliedescope of colors. Tiberius eyes widened.

"So they were able to breech the gateway!,"  Olivius said. She and the rest saw they wore the gloves.

"I am going to divert them to the frozen worlds," she said. "we will let them face death there. Then we will fetch their bodies and the gloves with them."

With that, she raised one arm and bowed her hear. A green lightening bolt flashed into the picture.

Ray and Mike were instantly diverted into another tunnel.

Seconds later, the two landed in a clearing. They got to their feet and looked around. There were snow flurries and they were surrounded by deep green trees.

"It's colder than a well digger's ass in the Yukon," Ray remarked, "you think this is where we're supposed to be? I have a feeling we were thrown off course"

"I feel that way too," Mike said, " why don't we scare up some heat from our gloves?"

A second later, warmth engulfed them both.

All of a sudden, noises started coming from the surrounding forest. Ray and Mike glanced around and saw trees going down.

"What the hell?" Mike said.

Then, out of the forest, came what appeared to be over a dozen large white creatures. They were all twenty five to thirty feet tall and had deep red eyes. They were very muscular  and must have  weighed a good four or five tons each. Their eyes were on the duo as they roared and snarled.


An instant later they were in the air. A large tree stump came shooting towards them like a Tomohawk missle, striking Mike on the back of his head.

Unconscious, he plummeted to the ground.


End of Chapter 14



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