The Terrific Two

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Gloves

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



Chapter 13-The Gloves


Mike and Ray followed the queen to the glass case where the gloves were and took a good look at them.

They were slightly shiny and fairly large; definitely a man's size. They lay side by side.

The queen bade them to follow her back to the stairway. They made their way to the ground floor and proceeded down another stairway hidden by a door to a room which appeared to be used for meetings. There were nine of the creatures sitting at a long table. Queen Lavonicus introduced them as the empire's leadership council before she introduced them individually. In turn, she introduced the two naval officers . She then invited Ray and Mike to sit at the end of the table.

She explained to the council how the two had wound up in New Atlantis. The council eyed them and stayed silent, their faces grim. The queen then proceeded to relate the rest of the story regarding their predicament to the duo.

"After the jewel was stolen, our royal scientist, who is also a powerful wizard, was able to open the interdimensional portal that Olivius' attackers came through. We then sent our forces through it to try and retrieve the jewel. Olivius' forces had little problem driving them back, as our army was in a weakened state. Many were killed and more wounded. The task force commander advised us that her forces were many and had powerful weaponry. All appeared hopeless.

Our wizard, Tiberius, went to his laboratory and did not leave it for several weeks. Finally, when he did, he asked for an audience with our council. 

At the meeting he presented the gloves which you have just seen. He said that they had great powers as they had been fashioned from mystical metals from other dimensions. He further explained that wearing the gloves would not only revive the energy of the wearer, but would give them great powers as well.

We tried them on our physically strongest, but to no avail. Tiberius was deeply puzzled and took them back to his laboratory. A few of our days went by and then he came to see me. He advised that he had discovered that for the gloves to work, they required a certain energy and vitality level. Forthwith, it appeared that, due to our weakened state, we did not have the level it required. However, Tiberius informed me that he was sure he could do some adjusting, making the gloves affective for us.

Then one night great noises were heard from Tiberius' quarters. By the time the guards reached his room, Tiberius was gone. There were signs of mystical combat. We deduced that Tiberius had been taken by Olivius or forcefully transported somewhere, possibly another dimension. Fortunately he must have sensed what was going to happen and put a hiding spell on the gloves before the attackers could get in. His apprentices were able to remove it as he had shown them how in case something like this occured.

"I think I see which direction this is heading," said Mike.

"I think you do also," said the queen. "What I propose to you is this," she continued. "If you can wear the gloves and absorb their power, we ask that you go on a quest, which would be to retrieve The Jewel of Neptune. If you are successful, our king and our army and sorcerrers will help you defeat the ones who hold your world captive. With our king's powers restored, there is absolutely no doubt that this could be done."

Ray and Mike looked at one another.


President Truman stood at the back window of the Oval Office and watched cascading drops of rain fall to earth. He was alone.

It had been almost a week now since their planet had been taken hostage. It was as if an impossibly heavy foot was on his neck; a foot that he could never move.

The aliens had raided stores and taken over houses and hotels all over the world. They plundered restaurants and resorts. None dared interfere as they knew the consequences.

The German chancellor had departed only an hour ago. He and the president had had a secret meeting in a secret location.

CIA and German intelligence operatives had had Ludwig's palaces under surveillence for over 48 hours now. Both governments knew that the invader's leadership had taken up residence there.

The president finished packing his briefcase and walked out the door into the hallway where his secret service escorts were waiting. He nodded at his look alike as he walked past him. The look alike stepped into the Oval Office and sat down. He picked up some papers and made as if he were reading them.

President Truman had all the important items and documents moved to the office underground. There he would stay. It had a large TV screen in the wall that could be used for telecommnications and watching the regular satellite channels. 

The president stepped into the room and picked up the remote. He pushed a couple of buttons and asked for the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State to come into his office immediately.

As he sat down at his desk, he pondered his idea once again. A precisely placed tactical nuclear demolition would take out all three castles. The German chancellor was aware of the idea and stated he would discuss it with his parliament.

With the leadership gone, there was the possibility that the alien force would no longer be under dictatorship, and may consider leaving earth.

Truman switched on BBC news. He saw  one of the aliens turn over a table at an outside cafe.


End of Chapter 13 

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