The Terrific Two

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - King Tritonus

Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016




Chapter 12-King Tritonus


Mike and Ray looked at each other and then back at Queen Lavonius. 

"How in Hosanna's name could we be of help to you?" Ray asked.

"First I must tell you the history of our race," the queen replied. "Centuries upon centuries ago my race departed from a dying planet and came to your earth. Years later we had built a vast city on an island that existed above us. It has become somewhat of a legend amongst you surface dwellers.You gave it a name which was Atlantis.

Some decades after we had established ourselves, a great plague beset our city and killed thousands. Whom it did not kill, it attacked their vitality and immune sytems leaving them crippled for the rest of their lives. Then, as if things weren't bad enough, a great tsunami hit our empire. Many more were killed and our civilization mostly destroyed. Also, the plague that had hit us caused us to be weakened by sunlight. We became a dying race.

Then, one day while were were making our feeble attempts to reconstruct, a great figure appeared in the sky. He was gigantic in size and green in color. His skin was scale like and he glowed.

He radiated great love, and communicated to us through thought. He told us that his name was Tritonus and he was the son of Neptune."

At this point Ray and Mike looked at one another, astounded. "All these legends we've been hearing all our lives are actually true!" Mike exclaimed.

"Yes, they are," continued the queen. " Tritonus conveyed to us that he had been given the task by his father to save what was left of our race. He then transported us, magically it seemed, to the vast underground cavern we are presently in. He was also able to transport what remained of our city to here as well.

With his help, due to his great power, we were able to rebuild our city and establish a means to support ourselves.

His very presence drove away the effects of the plague, as we all felt much more energetic once he appeared.

During the time we were reconstructing, our leaders met with Tritonus to discuss our future.  Tritonus explained that his presence and power was required for our civilization to survive, and his father, who was lord of the seas, had intended him to be our king, but only if we would agree to it, which we did"

At this point, the queen glanced over at the portrait of the man with the long white beard. Then she looked back and continued.

"For centuries King Tritonus ruled our empire. Our society was a happy and thriving one. 

Not long after our king came to power, he explained to the leadership council, of which I was head of, that his power came from a gemstone. This gemstone was mounted on a metal headband that encircled his forehead. It was called The Jewel of Neptune and was bestowed upon him by his father.  We know little of it's origin. However it is said to be a combination of gems from the deepest part of the ocean and from the stars above.

Neptune knew his destiny, and that the day would come where he must depart earth to fulfill it.Thus, he fashioned the jewel and gave it great powers.It was his intention to leave it to one of his heirs when he left to journey amongst the heavens.

The god Neptune had two heirs, one a daughter, named Olivius, and the other, our King Tritonus. At the appointed time he gave the gem to Tritonus.

He chose Tritonus as Olivius had deeply immersed herself into practicing the dark arts. She had become a powerful sorceress, despite her father's protests. The practice had darkened her soul and she had become evil.

After King Tritonus had been given the jewel, Olivius erupted into a jealous rage. Neptune then banished her from the earth. We later discovered she made her way to a different dimension and became a ruler.

All was well for decades. One day, as fate would have it, Olivius sent a mulititude of sorcerrers and monsters through a dimensional portal to the King's throneroom. Our King and the guards were taken by such surprise that the jewel was successfully stolen. It has been with Olivius ever since."

"That's quite a story," Ray remarked, "but how do we fit in?"

"Come with me," the queen replied.

The entourage walked down another long hallway, guards on each side giving a salute as they passed. They stopped at another huge door and a guard pulled a rope. The doors swung open and they entered the room.

It was also vast in size; larger than the queen's room. About one hundred feet ahead of the group was a giant of a figure. It was exactly as the queen had described; about fifty feet tall, just sitting, and had green skin and scales and it's build was Herculean; heavily muscled.

Mike and Ray approached it in awe. There was, in fact, a large gold metallic headband surrounding it's forehead, with an empty hole in the middle. The titan's head was slumped down, as if it were asleep.

"We believe the jewel eventually took over our king's entire metabolism, causing it's absense to drain all of his energy. It appears to be a flaw Neptune did not forsee. It's absense, in turn, robbed us of a great part of our vitality as well. We believe, over the centuries, our metabolisms also grew too dependent on the jewel."

Ray looked at the queen. "Is that why, while we were being escorted to your palace, I noticed so many of your inhabitants walking so slowly and wheezing?" he asked.

"Yes, replied the queen, "that is true. However the both of you seem to be of good health and abundant energy. That is why I must ask for your help. Please follow me and I will show you why."

The group departed and made it's way up the palace stairway. Another door was opened and all stepped in.

The room was heavily guarded. In the center of the room was a large glass case consisting of two gloves. They looked metallic and of cobalt blue color.


Liltih continued to stare at the apparition before her. She could not believe her eyes. Mustering the courage, she asked "How can you help me?"

"King Ludwig and I were in love," the spirit replied,"but my father prevented us from becoming betrothed. Thus, I knew all Ludwig's secrets. There is a way to escape. He had a small elevator constructed in the grand ballroom which is behind curtains.When he grew weary of crowds during social gatherings, he would use this elevator to transport himself to the palace basement. From there, he would either go to the cavern below or take a secret stairway to other parts of the palace."

Lilith continued to  remain silent, her jaw agape in wonderment.


Lieutnenat Kaufmann lie in his tent and peered into the darkness, his mind a flurry of thoughts.

On the day of the takeover his platoon was on manuevers. They saw an enormous ship decend over King Ludwig's palace and stay hovering, about a thousnd feet up.

The lieutenant tried to contact garrison, but the radio was dead. None of their vehicles would start either.

He had heard a noise and looked up. Craft were coming out of the ship and landing on the palace grounds. 

The lieutenant ran to his platoon sergeant and commanded him to get the platoon out of sight, into the woods. They then removed the radio from the jeep and rations from the truck and disappeared into the surroundings.

A little while later, more alien craft started circling the area. They circled the vehicles two or three times and then ventured on.

His platoon sergeant, Sergeant First Class Bannerman, suggested that he and Kaufmann do a reconnaisance of the palace while the platoon stay hidden and someone keep trying to contact their base.

Stealthily they made their way to right outside the castle grounds and split up. Their plan  was to circle the palace, one going one way and the other the opposite direction and meet at the spot they were now at. 

It was about halfway around that Lieutnant Kauffman saw movement from the corner of his eye. He stopped where he was and raised his binioculars.

A beautiful woman came into view on a veranda, looking into the forest. The army officer lowered himself so he wouldn't be seen.

Suddenly a huge alien figure came onto the veranda and turned the woman around to face him. She jerked her arm out of it's hand; it was very apparent she did not want to be there.

When the lieutenant saw the woman, he thought that she bared a strong resemblance to his sister, who had died five years ago. His sister, Laura, had heroically pulled him from a burning car after an accident. She had saved his life, but lost hers due to burns she had sustained. 

He had to figure out a way to save this woman. He just had to.

He ordered his platoon sergeant to take the platoon back to base, maintaining cover. He was going to remain there.

Sergeant Bannerman asked why, but his only reply was that it was personal and someday he would explain.

As Lieutenant Kauffman lay in his tent, he suddenly felt a presence. He looked around and saw the outline of a figure, shimmering with a silver color.


End of Chapter 12



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