The Terrific Two

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Queen Lavonius

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016




Chapter 11-Queen Lavonius

Dracos went back into the palace and proceeded upstairs to Lilith's bedroom. He knocked softly but heard nothing. He entered and saw her on the veranda, gazing out into the forest.

He walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, gently turning her around, with no resistance. Lilith gathered courage and looked up into his dark red eyes.

"I do not know what else I can say to you. I love you. And, yes, I may be somewhat of a monster, but the side of me that does love you has limitless depth of that love."

Her eyes still looking into his, Lilith nodded and looked down, not saying a word.

Dracos turned around and left.

If Lilith would have looked a little harder,while standing on the veranda, underneath the twilight sky and about 20 yards into the forest, she would have seen a helmeted figure, camouflage covering his face, lower his binoculars and disappear into the foliage.

The figure, First Lieutenant Eric Kaufmann of Bravo Company 116th Ranger Battalion, 3rd Armored Division (Spearhead 3) crawled over  to his platoon sergeant's position.


Mike and Ray were escorted down a winding path. It took quite some time to reach the bottom. They were then taken towards a grand looking palace.

The streets were similar to the ones on the surface world, with sidewalks, lighting structures, and buildings. The inhabitants stared at the two as they made their way along.

The streets and buildings were of green, gold, and silver colors. They shined brightly.

Ray noticed the inhabitants moved very slow. Some were just sitting on benchs, wheezing.

They reached the foot of the palace and were taken up it's steps. After entering two huge doors they were led down a long hallway.


The palace looked as if it were constructed of white marbe with emerald green spires. lnside were enormous chandeliers of all colors; red, blue, green, and others Ray and Mike have never seen.

The great hallway led to another large door that was guarded. One guard turned and pulled a long gold colored rope. The doors swung open.

They were led into a huge room. More guards stood to the right and left. The room was a magnificent white with a huge red carpet.  About seventy five feet straight ahead was a figure sitting on what appeared to be a throne.

The pair were led to stand about fifteen feet in front of the figure.

The creature was beautiful. She (assuming it was a she) had a gold flowing gown and blondish colored hair. Her skin was the same as the rest of the inhabitants Ray and Mike had seen.

The creature stepped off the thrown and came down to stand right in front of the two captives. She was roughly the same height as Mike, who was six feet tall. The creaure then placed her hands on both of their foreheads.

An instant later, Mike and Ray felt something enter their minds. A presence that probed deeply.

About thirty seconds later, the creature removed her hands and spoke.

"I am Queen Lavonius," she said, "We welcome you to New Atlantis."


Dracos sat on his new throne and looked at the screens that showed the outside world. His thoughts returned to a few days ago.

At the UN Dracos informed all the nation representatives that there would now be a new order and he would be their world's emporer..Furthermore he stated that each of his ships that were now strategically positioned have the abiltiy to shut down their electrical power.

He also stated that the disappearance of the ocean going armada was a demostration of the power that now rules. Any attempt to attack their ships or their populace will be met with a power shutdown, and a swift brutal response.

"The operation of all your govenments, military, and business' will not be interfered with," he said, "however, as I stated before, any sort of uprisings or attacks against us will not be tolerated. Now go inform your world leaders."

Suddenly the image of Lord Kronos appeared on screen, interrupting his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Lilith got into her bed clothes and glanced at the clock. It was almost eleven PM. She turned off her lamp and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she had a stange feeling that she was not alone. She rose and immedaitely saw a figure in front of her, slightly shimmering with  silver light. Lilith gasped.

Words entered her head. "Do not be afraid," they said, "I am the spirit of Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Bavaria. I want to help you."


"Please forgive us,"Queen Lavonius began, "we had to make sure you had no hostile intent.We have enemies. I also had to find out what language you both speak so I can communicate with you."

Mike and Ray looked at one another. Ray shook his head and said to Mike "Now all we need is Rod Serling to introduce this episode." Then they both looked back at the queen.

"I am Admiral Mike Newman," Mike began "and this is Captain Raymond Wayne," he said gesturing towards Ray. "We apologize for intruding into your world, but we are at war with what appear to be alien invaders and our intrusion was the only way we could escape a deadly pursuit."

"I am aware of that, admiral," the queen said, " and we will give you safe haven. We have been monitoring the situation on your surface world and it is worse than what you think. As such, we have a lot more to discuss. Please follow me."

They went to a large room that had comfortable seating arrangements and also what appeared to be a bar. They sat down as the queen ordered drinks for them.

The queen related to Ray and Mike the total situation on the surface world. When she was finsihed, the two hung their heads in disbelief and sadness.

"As I stated earlier, we will give you refuge here," she said. Then there was a pause. The queen stood up and walked over to stand in front of a portrait of a man with a long white beard. Then she turned  and said " I must ask you to help us with a grave situation in return."


End of Chapter 11



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